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Adivaz Closet Boutique for Women/Ladies ASAP!



This is one of those clothe arena that looks like Gbetu ideologically- trying to provide for everyone irrespective of where you come from.

Now Adivaz Closet Boutique has clothes for women and ladies, irrespective of you size, shape and height.

Be you "Orobo" ("big") or "Lepa"(slim), you will surely find your choice.

But I am more impressed with their providing for "big" girls, hey the slim ladies are taking over everything, like every industry: fashion industry, music industry, movie industry, "school industry", "office industry", even "the husband industry". Chai ! (eureka!)

Well no problem!

Where are my big babies, fall in to Adivaz Closet Boutique and defeat these "slim feets". Lolz!

Nah joke o!

You got the number and prise tag on every photo. Place your order asap!

Fadaka Louis

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