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WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan retires after 16years of professional Wrestling.

by Uti Emmanuel

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar and champion, Daniel Bryan, has retired from his 16 years of professional wrestling.

The 34 year old one time World Heavyweight champion announced his retirement on February 8th on Twitter after his doctor advised him to stop wrestling.

His tweet reads that "Due to medical reasons, effectively immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on RAW, I'll have a chance to elaborate this. #grateful ".

Addressing the audience at WWE ground, Washington, where the management of WWE held for him and his fans, he revealed that a test made it known that his brain is not as okay as he thought because he has brain MRI and neuropsychological evaluations.

However, as he started his speech last Wednesday at the WWE stadium, it became obvious that he was not happy about it.
"It is with a baby heart and the utmost sadness that I officially announce my retirement".

On the other hand, as he was addressing his fans, he appeared emotional and grateful in his speech.

He said "You guys cheered me up and praised me the last time my Dad saw me fight, and for that I am grateful ".

"Because of wrestling, I got to meet the most beautiful woman in the World. She's beautiful, she's smart and she completes me in a way. I didn't even think this was possible. And that is because of wrestling. I am grateful ".

Bryan who broke the stadium attendance record by 76,976 fans would be felt by WWE since he was a great source of income for WWE.

Moreso, Bryan has won several awards including WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times and one-time international championship among others.

At the end of his avowal, he told his fans, "Tomorrow morning, I start a new life where I am no longer a wrestler. But that is tomorrow and not tonight. I have one more night to feel this energy and this crowd. So if I could just get one more 'Yes' chant, I would really appreciate it ".

Needless to say, everyone obliged in the stadium as they gave him a standing ovation chanting "Yes" till he left the stage in tears of joy.

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