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Dozens of South Sudanas have been forced to leave their home because of brutal fighting.

 Dozens of South Sudanas known who took shelter at the United Nations protection camp in Malakal, have been forced to leave due to brutal fighting.

Fighters broke into the camp late Thursday afternoon, killing more than 20 people, injuring at least 50 and burning down the school, the health clinic and people’s homes.

Although a peace agreement was signed in August, it has done nothing to stem the fighting. News have it that the fighting has spread to new areas with reports of people being raped and killed, and of homes and crops being destroyed and damaged by fighting.

Nearly 5 years after South Sudan gained independence, fighting continues. It's a conflict characterized by alarming levels of sexual violence and the targeting of children. Also, Malakal has changed hands between the government and opposition more times than locals can count, causing continued unrest. 

We ask for better support for the people of Malakal.
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