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China I Love your Care but must they go? Chinese men to play games at mall.

Is it a must for them to go? We've always know chinese men to be tech-addicts and game-addicts but encouraging them the more this way is a no-no for me. If you want to go shopping with bae or wife, just do it, its part of paying attention to her.

A chinese mall introduces a "husband storage" kind of space, so that their wives can leave them to play games while the wives do the shopping. All they do later is to carry the "bought" home.

News have it that the mall in question, the Global Harbour Mall in Shanghai believe to be doing this in favour of both parties.
Inside each pod is a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad, and men can sit and play retro 1990s games. 
One of the games that can be played is Tekken 3.
As much as people love it, there are people like me who think its not a healthy business idea.
"If my husband just wants to go out and play games, what's the point of bringing him out?"

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