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Day4: The Shortest Cut To Success - Make it overnight? #PsychologistOfChange

Our world is turning away from the reality of process to the fictional haven of quick fixes. We live in a century where everything must be done in an instant. We no longer care about process. We all want success overnight.

How on earth do you want to loose 30kg in an instant?

How would you get all the knowledge of John Maxwell in two months? Because we all seek a short cut to success we cut ourselves short.

Life itself is a process. It consists of a series of activities to achieve your purpose. No wonder Tony Robbins in Unlimited Power defined success as the ongoing process to be more. Although success can be achieved overnight but it must be the longest night ever. That night will consist of years of hard work.

You would feel like giving up but if you really need what you need you'll find a way out. You must be willing to take the road less traveled to be successful. You must be willing to make smart trade offs. You must be willing to give up some things to go up in order to be successful.

Hard work must even be your watchword, and you must abandon all short cuts because there's no short cut to any place worth going. Don't let soft work be your work because kolewerk.
In what areas of your life have you been looking for quick fixes? How will you correct it? Before the year comes to its end, determine to deal with the quick fixes and junk you entertain in your life; and resolve in your heart to follow the hard way in order to avert the hard life.

I Am Emmanuel Uti


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