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We find ourselves going through so many challenges, obstacles, rejection, depression, stress..these and many more are what we face daily...

- Some have  gone through so much pain
- some are just beginning to see that life is not a bed full of roses

Loosing a child through miscarriage, illness, accident, having a forced abortion from a husband or a boyfriend...brings misery, distress... could even change you.

Not getting the perfect job after so many hard work, not having a blissful marriage, having a family that is meant to love and look out for each other but only filled with lies, blackmail, it makes you wonder what else you live for.

At times you think you passing through this alone, well its not just you, we all have experienced pain, some chose to let it go, while others still dwell in them.

Its not like they don't want to let it go, they are just not ready to deal with it and if its not dealt with, how would you be ready for the next challenge because it will only continue to hurt u, bring more pain, self pity, distress.

You just have to forget the past, take the lesson with you and live a better life....then you will see that you can live for so many things...

Agunabu Victoria

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  1. We all have diffucult momens in our lives, sometimes we tend to give up but then we keep our heads up and hope things will change for the better. It is best to reckon that every situation has an expiry date. Thank you..nice post!


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