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#Day19: Don't Just Be Consistent! #PsychologistOfChange

Ineffective people always think of success as the ability to produce more. It has even been given a very familiar name, consistency. It is believed that being consistent puts you on top.

While this contains an iota of truth, it is not the entire truth. It fails to recognize that success is not just about the reproduction of results but growth.

Being consistent for a long time is very good but it can also make you stagnant. It limits your thinking by not letting you try new things. After a period of time, the desire to try new things out fades because you always reproduce. And like the saying that “He that is good with a hammer always think that everything is a nail”, you become blind to growth.

The mantra of lasting success is not about productivity alone. It is about sustainability and growth.
While you practice consistency, seek to grow. Develop your capacity for production too, don't just seek results.

Don't Just Be Consistent, Try New Things.

You are not a robot, try new things out. Don't just stagnate yourself by being consistent, grow!

If you want success this year, stop trying it only the way you know it. Try another way.

Remember, if what you're doing is not working, do something else, do something different.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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