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A tweet by Bashir Ahmad have become controversial - For or Against?

Following the controversial cartoon post made by Bashir Ahmad on the Not Too Young To Run Bill, blogger and founder of We Rise Ng, Angela Uyi, also known by twitter name Mama Naija have alot to say.

The Personal Assistant to the Nigerian President on New Media, Bashir Ahmad on Monday, 4th June, tweeted something that looks 70 per cent of discouragement to Nigerian youths who have worked so hard for this bill to be passed.

The tweet simply shows how small the Nigerian youths are compared to the funds needed to becoming a Nigerian President. Though it looks more like Bashir sympathising with the youths.

Below is Angela Uyi's argument -

Funding won't limit us & the youths are ready to support a broke youth who's the technicality to understand d minds of the 21st century people & move them frm darkness to light, poverty to prosperity, perpetual hopelessness to hopeful hope, years of eternal enslavement to freedom

What's your thought on this situation? 

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