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“I am using this forum to inform Ekiti people that the federal government is punishing and depriving them of their entitlement because of politics .

They think that if I am not able to pay the four months salaries owed the workers , they will vote for APC .

“Ekiti people are not fools , they know that the Fayemi administration plunged the state into debt . Fayemi left two months salary unpaid and N 1. 2bn is being deducted every month from Ekiti allocations to service the debt .

“So far , N 35 .34 bn has been deducted from allocations coming to Ekiti to service debts owed by Fayemi administration .

“If I have N35 .34 bn , I will not owe workers and I will be able to take care of the needs of the people . Ekiti people are not fools and will not again accept APC . They know that the Fayemi administration is the cause of the unpaid salary .”

Gov Peter Ayodele  Fayose

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