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Defence: KOWA speaks on Ekiti Election - Address Media

It has been brought to our attention that a newsman in Ado Ekiti reported in a news yesterday (14th of July, 2018) that KOWA Party's state chairman in Ekiti had commended President Muhammadu Buhari for reducing corruption in Nigeria and endorsed another party's governorship candidate.

We are using this medium to inform the general public to discard such news. KOWA Party's Chairman in Ekiti State did not grant any audience to the media to that effect.

The media should be reminded that they are the 4th estate of our democracy and they carry an essential role in the workings of a good governance. The media should do away with passing wrong information and ensuring that they stay fateful in their work.

We hope to continue the constructive and mutually respecting relationship we have with the media.  

Any further enquiry should be made to Ade Ogunkolade- our Ekiti State Chairman.

KOWA Party,

Together, we make a difference.

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