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Fake Facebook Accounts: The Frustration Of A Failed Law Maker - His Double Game Strategy

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The Frustration Of A Failed Law Maker (Obinna Emenaka) And How His Double Game Strategy Exposed.

In life, it is severely said that every day is for the thief  but a day is for the owner.
What played out at the Anambra state House of Assembly was a total confirmation of the above popular saying involving Hon. Obinna Emenaka representing the good people of Anambra East L. G at the state house.

While his media handlers headed by one boy called Eneh Victor Chigozie from Enugu state but based in Lagos was busy floating the cyberspace with antiquated and dilapidated informations against the person of Hon. Chief Chinedu Benjamin Obidigwe (Aka Oma Jide Aku) over the nomination of Hon. Cyril Okafor, they reluctantly and intentionally refused to marry the true position of event though with a view to covering up their frustrated political actions.

For the avoidance of any doubt, let it be made very clear before the reading public that Obidigwe is no longer in government as a government appointee to recommend or nominate who becomes the Transition chairman of a local government not to talk of that of Anambra East where the governor came from.

At the same, and for obvious reasons Obidigwe traveled out of the state some days before the nomination and confirmation process was done of which any of his allies was not seen around the house of Assembly complex during the process of confirmation of the T. C which could have justified the inapty claim by Emenaka and his half barked media propagandist.

It is unfortunate that Emenaka could hide under his envy and jealous mind against the person of Obidigwe to insult the governor of Anambra state by refusing to confirm the Governor's nominee by imploring his paid writers to cook an unverifiable petition against the governor's nominee.

For posterity purposes,  let it be made clear that the only person with the power to nominate his Transition Chairmen is the governor of a state and write to the state Assembly for confirmation which His Excellency Chief Dr. Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Global) rightly did and it was confirmed by every other state Assembly except Obinna Emenaka who always claim big and powerful maybe to show the governor that he is powerful.

If other House of Assembly members in their right sence of judgement could approve the nominations made by the governor why then shouldn't Emenaka approve that of his constituency where the governor came from?

The attempt by Emenaka to hide under the guise that Obidigwe was instrumental to the nomination of Hon. Cyril Okafor whom he refused to confirm is professionally a strategic and diplomatic way of looking dawn on the governor because,  frankly speaking he is suggesting to the world that the governor who signed the name is not in charge, which is a typical lie.

Recall that Emenaka in 2015 general election jumped from PDP to APGA after his first ternue and governor Obiano against all odds gave him the APGA ticket which returned him back to the state house.

Before then, it was supposed to be the turn of Igbariam or Umuoba Anam as we operate a zoning formula in Anambra East state house of Assembly, but in order to maintain his words, the governor gave him the ticket and applead that we support him which we did.

Interestingly ,the same Chinedu Obidigwe whom Emenaka is seen as his political enemy today gave Emenaka the highest votes in Anambra East in 2015 as I can recall that the entire three ward in Nando, the home town of Emenaka couldn't get up to two thousand votes for him of which Enugu Otu ward where Chinedu came from alone gave Obinna Emenaka Two thousand fifty six votes.
Regrettably enough,  what Emenaka used to pay Obidigwe back after all he suffered for his elections was to form a charm against Obidigwe via his native doctor to terminate his life and that of some of us he sees as allies of Obidigwe in order to have the field day and when that failed, he ganged up and invited Aka Oma to the state Assembly for questioning with an intention to intimidate him but to the glory of G*d, that was not fruitful.

During the governorship elections in 2017,  sensitive information from the government including that of the house were on several occasions released by one Mr. Eneh Victor Chigozie and people kept wondering where he gets the informations, today that source is known as Eneh who fought the governor then and now  was appointed the chief media of Hon. Emenaka and they registered over 20 fake facebook accounts which he uses to malign people on daily basis under the pay of Emenaka.

The list is endless but the point been made here is that if Emenaka who has decided to leave APGA for PDP or APC where he came from should do so, let him be proud of it than to hide under Obidigwe while fighting the governor because the world is watching.

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