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UNIBEN UPDATE: 2018 SUG Election - Commentary

It pains me that most of the 2018 Uniben  SUG aspirants are not capable for the positions they’re aspiring for. I was shocked that the aspirants for the office of the vice President was unable to sing the UNIBEN Anthem how then can this people represent us outside the institution. Also for the office of the Secretary General with what I saw today when no aspirant was able to answer the question that was asked. These aspirants see their self better than the other, a leader was not suppose to see or say he is better than anybody.

I will also say the issue of Finance should be taken into consideration because as I am concern these aspirants did not know their constitutional functions.

Further more let’s examine the case of Welfare in UNIBEN community, No aspirants was able to tell us what plans they have  regarding to the issue of Welfare instead these people were telling us stories of what can’t be possible.

To the matter of Publicity I will beg/plead to the candidates to learn more on how to control information or information management because  the people we were shouting for don’t actually have the skills or orientation on how to manage information.

For sports, I believe UNIBEN sports is what we should take into consideration because as I am concern UNIBEN still believe women has no information about sports. For what I heard from the aspirants I will advise that UNIBEN students should calm down and hear their manifesto. 

To the office of the A.S.G I don’t know what the aspirant was saying but going by the Union Constitution what he said is not part of A.S.G constitutional function.

The office of the Attorney General is another office I will want UNIBEN students to look into, the aspirants did not really understand that they are not a lawyer yet. Going by what some said that they are ready to stand in court for UNIBEN students, that is mission impossible. And most of these people are proud, some were even with chew gum in their mouth.

The director of socials the aspirant was unable to tell us how he will provide security for students when it comes to social matters and also UNIBEN students needs to be socialize, rather he as concentrated is office to the party base function.

I have not recover from the shock I was earlier,  the aspirants for the office of the President was unable to tell UNIBEN students on how they will confront the Management if the tuition fee is been increased again. I am begging these aspirants to go back and study the Union Constitution very well because the people we think are good because of popularity is not sound enough to be the No 1 student, commander in chief of the all Aluta forces, UNIBEN students let’s be wise and vote for people that can serve and save us. Not because of department or faculty.

Thank you and God bless you.

Thanks to JCI UNIBEN.

Iyare Heart

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