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Indian Sensei, Shiv, worried about Karate Principles

An Indian Sensei, Shiv Panchal have taken to social expressing his worries on the Principles of Karate.

Shiv Panchal, who is an Indian Karate Master and member of International Shotokan Karate International (ISKF) is worried about Senseis ignoring the principles of Karate and focusing on just how to make money from the art. He says this with major focus on India.

"I am worried about Karate do principles. Many of Karate leaders are just doing Karate business of Dan certificates, Referee and Judges certificate and Coach license.  Slowly slowly Indian Karate going to forget basic principles of Karate do. Karate is more than a sport this is the way of life." 

Karate over the years is the only art that have sustained its tradition but with modern age, social media talk and scientific engagement, it is hard to keep it tight. For social sake, most people just want to show off their kicking and punching skills without actually knowing how to do it right.

It is more exposed about India Karatekas that many of her top dan members have never actually trained under a Japanese Master and are not bothered or willing to.

"Unfortunately In India Karate do just become art of Kick Punch. Indian Karate kas just learning some kicks and Oi Zuki and Gyaku Zuki and become Champion. Many of Shotokan head never train under proper Shotokan Japanse Masters but they become 6, 7th Dan and running their own International organisations. They are running for Dan Only.

Shiv hereby request of all Karatekas and Senseis in India to save Karate.

"This is the starting of. कराटे का पतन । I request to Indian Karate Masters PLEASE SAVE KARATE DO."

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