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UNN Students in YABATECH set to protest on Friday.

Aluta! Aluta!! Aluta!!!

Extortion and Exploitation of UNN Students in affiliation with Yabatech

Why are the school management silent on the various unrecognized extortion and exploitation of UNN students in Yabatech? We have had enough of their dubious and sharp practices, they continue to conduct this devilish and diabolic treatments to us with the word, "If we dare complain, they will deal with us mercilessly" !! We have paid for the services (The most expensive school fees as a result of the affiliation and we kept silent even when they increase the school fees with Yabatech ours was increased but when they reduce Yabatech school fees, ours was ignored, a total amount of 11k), so why are they holding us to ransom?  This and more to come from us.

This are what we are expected to pay before going for NYSC few days now which they impose on us saying that it is from UNN and we must pay before proceeding to NYSC.

1. The Dean said UNN increased Our Certificate fee from 15k to 35k, which indicated that, the certificate is 15k, convocation which is compulsory by them is 10k and scroll is 10k summing it to 35k and we must pay this about before collecting statements of results.

2. When we were in school, we paid for Departmental fee even when they is no department excos. They is no institution in Nigeria that pays departmental levy without a Departmental exco, only in UNN Yabatech, and we paid, 1700. Even at that, they didn't issue us receipts, now they are saying we have to present the dubious levy before statements of results and also presents the payment of 35k too for certificate.

3. They also asked us to bring the receipt we paid for journal which is 1200. Seminar that we didn't attend. We have two seminar in UNN Yabatech. The conference seminar that they force us to pay and the school seminar that is part of our course of study. We have to present all this money and their receipts before we can collects statement of result and have access for clearance.

The wickedness exhibited in the school with numerous maltreatment is uncalled for. The management have neglected the students and refer them as second class students because even when Yabatech student went on protest, most of us are writing our exams, but when they ask Yabatech to pay 5k for damages, they also included us, but when the reduced their school fees, they didn't reduce ours.

Enough is enough...!!!

They keep threatening us that; "after all we are going to be having Bsc instead of HND" as if we forced them to award us Bsc. They treat us like nothing and call us all sorts of names...!!
Yabatech management should look into the activities of the Dean in School of Technical Education Affiliated with University of Nigeria.

The Dean doesn't care if the students goes to hell to get money...

Most of the fees we are paying, convocation, scrolls etc are all included in our school fees and we pay double of that amount. They don't care because the student go through hell before anything is done for them. We have heard enough of their heartlessness and we Say No to all forms of injustice perpetrated on the students whose most parents are civil workers and live below the Minimum Wage. Which most of them, through this 35k increase for certificate fee, won't be able to go for nysc even when they mobilize them. We have heard it all and we Say No.

The Dean says, he is untouchable and anyone that dares him will never graduate and get his/her certificate. We are calling on everyone as we prepare to protest in school on 19th October 2018 to demand why all this atrocities...? 

UNN Yabatech has been overlooked over the years by the management of the school... A sets of Lecturers harass, intimidate students, even sleep with them for marks.. We Say no More and we will continue to fight for what is right for Nigeria Students.

We are joining forces with all medias, NGO etc to report and investigate this claims by the students going for nysc..

We are the Great Nigerian Students and we deserve the services that we have paid them!

God bless Yabatech,
God bless all Nigerian students,
God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!
Great Nigerian Students!!!!!!!!!!!


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