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A man with Four Date of Birth will be running for HoR in Anambra under APGA

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A man identified as Chinedu Obidigwe, will be running for House of Representatives in Anambra state under the APGA with Four Date of Birth certificate.

Hon Chinedu Benjamin Obidigwe is the House of Representatives candidate, under APGA for Anambra east and west federal constituencies.

His certificate scandal was leaked by AIF media with proof of contradictory date of births and lie on educational qualification.

The first fact is the contradictory Dates of Birth -

1. The Permanent Voter's Card published by INEC bearing Chinedu Obidigwe's name and photograph has his birthday date as 26 October 1979.

2. In his WAEC result sheet, which he wrote in year 2000 as published by INEC, the result slip bears his birthday date as October 12, 1981.

3. On September 10, 2018 the mother to Hon Chinedu Obidigwe, Mrs Obidigwe Nwugo Elizabeth swore to an affidavit in the Age Declaration Form before the State High Court Awka, that she is the mother to Hon Obidigwe and that he was born on September 29, 1979.

4. In the INEC form CF001, Obidigwe wrote that he was born on September 26, 1979.

Go through -

At this point, it is either he dose't know his date of birth and never celebrates birthday or it is planned and with the findings above, you will also agree Obidigwe has 4 birthday dates, that is -

- October 26, 1979.

-  October 12, 1981.

- September 29, 1979.

- September 26, 1979.

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The second is educational qualification, if the date of birth is this confusing, which birth certificate did Obidigwe use to gain admission into the secondary school? And how did he also gain admission and graduate from Ebonyi state University? But to contradict it all why did he submit only WAEC and NECO as his highest education qualification to INEC on Saturday, October 27th?

To take hands off this and leave it to the public, we dare to ask :

- Which birthday certificate did Obidigwe submit when he was made the Transition Committee Chairman of Anambra Esst LGA in 2012?

- And which birthday certificate did he submit when he was appointed as Special Assistant to Gov Obiano?

God Bless Nigeria!

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