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Karate: Saturday training with SKI Lagos - meet State Coach Saunaka Shoyoye

Last Saturday, Gbetu met with the Lagos State Karate Coach, Saunaka Shoyoye, where he was training the Lagos team and kids belonging to his led club - SKI Lagos.

Coach Saunaka Shoyoye otherwise called Sensei Saunaka for years have been taking multiple groups and individuals Karate. He does this and most time compromise just to maintain the name, structure, respect and continuity of the art in Nigeria and Lagos especially.

Well known in Nigeria Karate World and some neighbouring African countries, he is incharge of Shotokan Karate International, Lagos branch. 
Most people will call this a juicy job, seeing the position and all that but this is one of the most hectic job, he said. Coach Saunaka has to travel, attend meetings, approve events, run events, recruit more students and much more and all these dosent end without oppositions. 

Did you you know that no Karate even in Lagos state goes without him knowing about it? Except in cases where people fail or refuse to recognize him or where they don't know about him.
Coach Saunaka focusing on Arabambi, son of Edaoto
The state coach position is quite an interesting position filled with milk and honey but with so much dust in the eyes. So all Karateka and/or Coaches should link up with the Chief Coach irrespective of the differences.

Much respect to all the state coaches in Nigeria. 

Enjoy some training photos below (new and old students combined)

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