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Update on Kidnap of Eneh Victor Chigozie

Photo of Eneh Chigozie in handcuff at a location alleged to be the private residence of Mr. Chinedu Obidigwe.

Note that Eneh Victor Chigozie was on Thursday, 15th November allegedly arrested by 4 police officers. Who whisked him away in the dead of the night, around 1am.

He was taken to a private residence, where is was beaten and battered before he was detained by the police.

The arrest by the policemen as reports suggests did not follow due process of arrest as the policemen without permission went outside their jurisdiction to arrest Mr Eneh.

The policemen have been arrested, however, they deny taking Eneh to a private residence, as alleged.

Eneh Victor Chigozie is currently at the hospital where a team of doctors are battling to save his life.

Mr Chinedu Obidigwe has been accused of being the brain behind Eneh's arrest which many consider a kidnap more than an arrest.

Anambra Social Media Community shall meet to take civil actions on the dehumanization of one of her own, Eneh Victor Chigozie.

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