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I have always asked if this new breed of APGA Social media urchins (Mediocrity Generals) has a monopoly for serial madness or a penchant for callousness? Or has it gone wrong within them that sanity is now a forbidden act.

APGA Social media had lost it and careless of its consequences. I weep for my once beloved party, I weep uncontrollably for the enemies we zoomed off from had come to raze down what took us decades to actualize.

William Abuchi OBIANO  and Victor Ikechukwu Nwoye seems a severe mistake made by APGA, they are both kwashiorkor-ed but will surely give way someday (NO one reigns Supreme forever) except your goodwill and legacy, I doubt if both will leave any at the end.

APGA started losing sleep when Mr. Peter Obi emerged Vice presidential candidate for the largest political party in Africa PDP as decided by the next president of Nigeria (Atiku Abubarkar) who enumerated the qualities of the former Governor and extolled him to be the best man for the job and to get Nigeria working again...

"No doubt on the above, he showed his mettle as a two time Governor of Anambra state, he made us to believe some good leaders still exist and trust that the Nigerian judiciary system still works."

But like the saying goes (Nothing good comes easy) It's been a tough battle for the good governance principal who had faced criticism from his ill positioned brothers from the east who believes that the old order will still be treasured, those who thinks that Nigeria is an inheritance from  their fathers, and those who self acclaims to be king makers that No king rules without their decision and blessing (laughable). Undoubtedly your sponsored attacks on Mr. Peter Obi is nothing but a suicidal approach, he's a man after God's heart, save yourselves the gun-powered.

On the other hand, APGA had since spotted moving from pillar to post, up down left right and center in an attempt to slander the person of Mr. Peter Obi who bequeathed the new Anambra dream to APGA & Obiano. Going by history the party may not have survived for the recalcitrant William Abuchi Obiano to be called a Governor in his entire life, but today he flaunts power that he forgot how it all started. The only sin OBI committed was been upright and cautions Obiano on the need to uphold the efforts and legacy of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu of which Obiano and the new APCGA under Oye already reduced to an ordinary tissue paper.

The questions I have continually asked?

👁Why is Williams Obiano fighting Peter Obi's ambition to be the next Vice president of Nigeria going by the Nigerian political history where ndị Igbo are undemocratically marginalized?

👁What is Obiano afraid of in the emergence of Peter Obi as the next Vice president? He denied that Peter Obi never handed over to him a debt free Anambra and rather accused him of demanding #7billion after he made him Governor. (The life span of falsehood is very short - Chris Nwakobia Jnr) Obiano thought Obi will proceed to Political menopause after leaving APGA for a bigger dream. Obiano and his cohort are afraid of the Political Ijele knowing fully well that Peter Obi will make him account for his lies and propaganda peddled against him and equally accounting for all the gross irregularities and quagmire he plunged Anambra into.

The recent attack and lies by APGA appointees and media urchins on Mr. Peter Obi who was a guest at the Enugu Adoration Ground Harvest and Bazaar where outspoken cleric Rev. Fr. Mbaka who already endorsed Atiku/Obi ticket as the way out of the is evil dictatorship of President Buhari, recall that same Mbaka that the APCGA are now throwing Iberiberism at already called for the sack of APC and her Change saying that Bureau De Change Abubarkar Atiku will dislodge the failed Buhari Administration come 2019 but what I have failed to understand here is: when has advice turn out to be rejection? Mbaka only gave out his words of advice to Obi but APCGA media has since embraced lies and propaganda just to discredit Obi.

Mbaka just like every human/clergy will do, called on the next Vice president of Nigeria to advice his principal to come appease the God of Adoration ministry through erecting a project for God. Which Buhari failed in doing. He advice that if Atiku and Obi turns out to be like Buhari (God forbid) who turned against the Adoration Ground after they prayed and worked for him to be president that they may not do well. For me that was commendable, but APGA turned it around even when they are yet to sell their toilet tissue paper Presidential candidate - GBOR? We all know the plan of bringing Gbor into the picture, a man who had sworn never to cloth himself with the ịsị Ojukwu APGA wear. Oye and Obiano are been brainwashed with the imaginary 21/21 which never happened but scripted.

2019 will stage a different ball game - Anambra and PDP are one and Indivisible (Deal with it)

Supporting Buhari who till date has No project in South/East is not just a careless political decision but also an attempt for another Genocide.

Williams Obiano the poor student of history should be informed that Anambra before now has always been a PDP state, the Governorship seat was taken from the largest party in Africa when the evil and dictatorship of Mbadinuju and Prince Chinedu Emeka who is today the failed APGA Senatorial candidate for Anambra North, a disastrous deputy Governor wants to go to Abuja (laughable) Those who deepened Anambra into Governance quagmire are today regrouping to end the good marriage and Good Governance designed by Gov. Peter Obi.

Anambra is stagnant and nothing is moving, all the scammed MoU signed by Obiano prior to his reelection are now history, our Airport project the most gullible lie ever told, yet he (Gov. Obiano) raised #10Billion for Buhari reelection campaign (Anambra money saved by Peter Obi) and openly endorsed him. (Buhari)

Now ndị Anambra are faced with hiked taxation!

We are watching the game! Obiano and his co-travelers should continue, but must be assured that the fight is between the old order and the new. It's a battle for the soul of Democracy and a better Nigeria.. The rejected stone will soon be the chief corner stone.

Comr Chuks II
Writes from Chukwudi ebube hospital bed!
Jesus the savior I hope only on you!

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