Court did not sack Chris Azubogu

Disregard news flying on the social media that Court has sack Engr Chris Azubogu as the candidate of APGA.


The true information is that Ben Nwankwo’s quest to make himself candidate of APGA for Anambra South Senatorial zone through court failed as Federal High Court sitting in Abuja earlier today refused to grant him relief that bothers on nullifying and replacing Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu who was nominated as the candidate on the Primary election conducted on June 1, 2022 with him.


To set the record straight, Ben Nwankwo who came second during the Party primaries, approach court seeking among other things from Court:

(1) A declaration that Azubogu did not resign properly as a member of National Assembly elected in PDP before contesting for senate in APGA.

Court agreed with him.

Even while this particular does not hurt the nomination and candidacy of Azubogu, he will still challenge it at Appeal. It is very contestable.

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(2) Ben Nwankwo sought for an order from Court for all the votes cast to Azubogu(Winner of the Primary) during the Primary to be given to him who came second.

Court denied him this.


(3) Ben Nwankwo sought from court an order for INEC to remove Azubogu’s name as the candidate of APGA and replace it with his name.

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Court denied him that.


(4) Ben Nwankwo also want court to order APGA to remove Azubogu’s name from their lists of candidates to be submit to INEC.

Court did not grant it.


In all, No where did Court remove Azubogu as the candidate of APGA or made any consequential order that constitute removal or replacement of his candidacy as some his opponents are circulating on the social media.


So when one started reading misleading reporting being circulated in social media mostly from the YPP media team we know their fear.


– Azubogu Media Office

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