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How To Avoid Acne and Cystic Acne (Getting a clearer Skin).

Listen up! I'm bouta change ya life! Acne and cystic acne does not come from not washing your face. (Even though soma yall really don't be washing ya face... you betta stop that)!

Acne and cystic acne also comes stress, hormones, and eating food with to much oil! Let me give you a check list to follow for clearer skin!

1. Write down everything you eat, and recap at the end of the week. You will be able to visibly see how much oil you consumed. Stay away from to many fried food (just put down the doritos for awhile... those are just a face murderer... trust me I know🙄). If you eat fries or potatoe chips... take that completely out of your diet... you will thank me lata.

2. Find out if you are allergic to anything... and surely take soda out of your diet. (Alot of ppl are allergic to tomatoes and citrus and dont even know it).

3. Change you pillow case every other day, and wash your actuall pillow once a month. Dr. Oz says every 6 months👀(erm no)!

4.Dont let anyone touch your face... and pay attention to how often you touch your face (which is probably a lot) and practice not touching your face. We put lotions on our hands and all type of stuff and our hands and finger nails do not stay squeaky clean all day. Really beware of this.

5. Exfoliate (remove dead skin) twice a week.

6. Use a non oily moisturizer after you wash your face.

7. Drink water like your life depends on it haaa!

8. Find out what is stressing you out and eliminate those stressors from your life.
9.If you are depressed and or have to much on your plate right now and it's hard to keep up a routine/regimen.... it's ok! Dont beat your self up! Just do the best you can! Slowly but surely you will figure out a way to keep up a good routine!

10. You gotz dis! Believe in you! I surely do! #WeAllWantClearSkin #ItsNotEasy #ButItsPossible
I get flair ups all the time from way to much stress and then eating stuff I know I shouldn't eat (bad combination). I'm working on getting a better balance. It's gonna take some time because some of my greatest stressors I can not get rid of at the moment... but I def can do better with what I'm eating. We are all on different levels and paths in life.


Courtesy: Morasha Malik

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