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How Spiritual controls the Physical

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In my third year in the university, I went to a saloon to fix my nails and met a secondary school class mate there. We exchanged pleasantries like old time friends and then began filling in on school gist and gossip. All of a sudden, she peeked into my purse and saw the money that was stacked inside. She then begged me to help her buy Schweppes from the next shop. Her nails were being done while I waited to do mine next. I was doing nothing apart from gisting and pinging, so willingly, I got up and went to buy Schweppes for my friend, from my money of course.

I got back and handed it to her and then she begged the girl doing her nails to give her few seconds break to gulp down the soda. As soon as she drank a portion of the soda, she turned to me and said “Ezy this thing is fake, it doesn’t taste like Schweppes. Please taste a little and confirm if I’m correct”. I told her I wasn’t a fan of Schweppes, so might not be able to differentiate between the real and fake taste, but she kept pressing me to try some. So, I snatched the can from her hand and poured part of its content into my mouth.

I saw the look of satisfaction on her face as soon as she saw that I had swallowed what was in my mouth. It was the Schweppes I have always known, at least the few times I drank Schweppes it tasted exactly that way.  I turned and told her it wasn’t fake: it was the real Schweppes, and all she said was "uhm, ok." She didn’t argue. She simply gave the remaining to the girl doing her nails, and that was it.

I went to bed that night and saw my friend in the dream for the first time. She was beckoning on me to follow her somewhere but I kept declining and telling her I’ll follow her next time.
I had the same dream the next night, and 2 nights after, and I still didn’t follow her.

On the fourth day, I went to a friend’s party and had few glasses of red wine. I’m not a heavy drinker; in fact I get light brain, lol. I ended up getting a bit tipsy.
I went home and climbed into bed and slept off immediately.
On the fourth night, I had same dream, but this time I agreed to follow her. My spirit was a bit weak in the physical. Remember, I said I was a bit tipsy, so had no serious hold in the spiritual.
We walked a long way in a bush path and afar I sighted very many beautiful girls by the river bank. Just as I took few more steps ahead my dad appeared from nowhere with a long stick. He asked me where I was going and I told him I was going somewhere with my friend.
Next thing, he descended on me and chased me back with the cain he held. While I was running back, he kept saying “Did I train you to have such friends? You don’t belong there. ”
Then I woke up.
My dad was far away at home. I was in my apartment close to school.

When I woke up, I was so angry. That was when I started asking myself why this girl kept coming to me in the dream recently. This was someone I never dreamed of when we were close. Why the dreams now that we are no longer even close?!
Next thing, like a flash, I was taken back to the Schweppes encounter and heard a voice say, “pray against bewitchment.” I was so angry with myself and the girl. I kept screaming her name and saying, how dare you? I prayed and prayed and prayed! Omg, I almost twisted my ankle when I was falling under anointing­čśé

Truthfully, I was scared of becoming a tool in the hand of the devil.
I was so angry too, and that was when everything became clear. I couldn’t wait to sleep and show this girl pepper.

Night came and I drank a bottle of anointing oil­čśé , prayed and slept.
Dream started and this girl didn't fear. She landed in the dream.
This time, she wasn’t smiling like I wasn’t smiling in the dream too.
In fact, I slept with holy anger!
She dragged my hands and started pulling me with her; she wanted to pull me with force. She was done asking nicely. I got mad and landed her a slap, and next thing, we started fighting. Even as we fought, she kept pulling me like her life depended on it. I beat her until she bled from her mouth and ears. Her friends ran away and she started begging. I kept hitting her while she begged and swore never to bother me again. 

The shocker was when I bumped into the same girl on my street next morning and she acted like she didn’t see me. I screamed her name and next thing she ran. I never saw her in the dream anymore but I learnt a big lesson.

Why did I recount this experience? Not everyone on your street is normal.
I want to screw this Facebook friend, I want to do this, I want to do that. Be careful who you are meeting up with. Very many people are walking around being controlled by demons. Demon possession and evil spirit transference is real. It’s not a myth!

And to parents, I know you tell your kids things like -
Don’t take anything from anyone

Don’t make bad friends

Don’t forget your God

Always go to church

But you know what?

Even a child has a mind of their own.

There is something called youthful exuberance.

A child would go out there and want to fly; they would want to test the waters. One day, they would be tempted to collect something from a friend and eat and you would not be there.

They would have friends that they think they can trust and would start to listen to their counsels too.

They would look at their mates and want to fly like them. Sometimes, they would forget to pray.

Church might become something they attend once in a while.

No matter the word of God you instill in their hearts, these things are bound to happen.

Your kids would have to decide how they want their lives to be.

That in no way makes you a failed parent, things like that are bound to happen.

A friend told me a story, he made few bad choices while in the university and was about to join his group of cult friends for a robbery when his mum rang.

She was crying over the phone. She just had a revelation and told him to stop that bad thing he was about to do.

Dude got scared and ran away. His friends went ahead for the robbery and all of them died!

That marked a turning point in his life.

Today, he is a part time pastor...

The spiritual alertness of parents can never be over emphasized.
What if my dad wasn’t spiritually alert?
What if he didn’t step in the moment my own spirit was low?
Being a parent transcends catering for the child’s physical needs. It's more than enrolling the child in the best of schools. The spiritual needs are also important.

Constant intercession for that child is necessary.
Not every child would make good decisions always. Bad decisions would be made. Detrimental decisions too. Sometimes, those bad decisions are necessary for the child’s self-discovery.
Everyone makes mistakes!

Every parent has to make a conscious effort to stand in the gap for their children spiritually so that the moment their children are weak and getting swept off by the cares of life, they are swept right into their back, and maybe, just maybe, there could be redemption for that child.

Always remember, the spiritual controls the physical.

Laura Ezinne Idika

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