30th May, 2022: Total Number of Igbos with PVC

30th May, 2022: Total Number of Igbos with PVC

The number of Igbos who have PVC accross Nigeria have been mixed up with the zone totals. You will recall that Sen Dino Melaye had made this derogatory statement about the Igbo recently. Here Sen Kwakwanso has repeated the same.
Their above statements are made out of sheer ignorance.


Igbos are not only in South-East, they are everywhere living their life.

30th May, 2022: Total Number of Igbos with PVC
30th May, 2022: Total Number of Igbos with PVC

The last release from INEC on 30th May, 2022 put voter registration as at the time by zones as follows:


South East- 10,574,956;
South South- 14,226,471;
South West- 17,419,669.
Total South- 42,221,096.


North Central 14,388,386;
North East- 12,025,167;
North West- 21,215,186.
Total North- 47,628,739.

GD Total- 89,849,835.

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In the last update of No of INEC Registered Voters of the Igbo of the South East with PVCs are as follows:

S/E Igbo with PVCs Residents- 10,574,956;
S/E Igbo with PVCs resident in the 19 Northern States + Abuja – 12,800,226; (27%)
S/E Igbo with PVCs resident in South South- 6, 125,525 (43%)
S/E Igbo with PVCs resident in the South West- 6, 505, 555. (36%)

Total Igbo population nationwide with PVCs is 36,006262.

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One can see that the Igbo of the South-East with PVCS nationwide are the highest in voter strength and spread.

Well coordinated, the Igbo nation including the Igbo of Rivers, Anioma, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Edo, Kogi, Benue, and the very few in Bayelsa can alone produce the President of Nigeria.

It’s not a threat, they can also in collaboration with their grand children in different states of Nigeria whose mothers are Igbo daughters takeover the electoral fortunes of most of the states of Nigeria and to extend, there is almost no tribe that Igbos have not married or been married into. Igbos are very friendly and happy people.

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Believe me, committed to it, we’ll accomplish it.

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