About Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla

A 56-year-old man from Australia has claimed to be in a deep state of mourning after he found out about the death of his “grandmother”. The man in question is Simon Charles Dorante-Day and he’s claimed to be the unacknowledged son of Britain’s newly crowned King Charles III and Queen Camila.


The Australian spoke to the channel News7 and explained that he felt frustrated and disappointed at being completely rejected and ignored by the Royal Family. “I just think the least Charles can do is give me an answer, acknowledge me. He gives William a title like that, well, where’s my answer, where’s my DNA proof? If you’re not my father, prove you’re not,” the man claimed.


After the death of his ‘Grandmother’, Dorante-Day claimed via his social media platforms that he received hundreds of messages from people sending him their condolences.


Dorante-Day alleges that he was given up for adoption at the age of eight months old and that his adoptive grandmother confessed to him before she died that he was the “secret son” of Charles and his wife, the new Queen Camilla.

About Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla
About Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla

He’s desperate for King Charles III to do a DNA to confirm his claims are in fact true, but his attempts to contact the Royal Family have ultimately proved futile- he’s never received a response from them.


Simon Charles Dorante-Day says he has ‘a big hug’ ready for fellow royal ‘black sheep’ Prince Harry. He says the ‘family’ likeness his children bear to the Windsors are a daily reminder of the Queen and the sadness of her passing.

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‘We are both the black sheep of the royal family, I would say we have that bond,’ Dorante-Day told Channel Seven.


‘And I believe Harry would be receptive to my plight.


‘He got f***ed over by his dad, he has a bone to pick with Charles. Just like I do.

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‘The first thing I’d do if I met them is I’d give them a big hug – I think they need one, to be honest.


‘A lot of the criticism they are copping is blatantly unfair. It made me so angry when Harry was told he couldn’t wear military uniform to his grandmother’s funeral.’


Mr Dorante-Day, who lives in Queensland and is an engineer, said he believed his Indigenous wife Elvianna would also have much in common with Meghan Markle.


‘The chance for all of us to talk one-on-one would be very… enlightening,’ Mr Dorante-Day said, while lashing out at critics of Harry’s demeanour.

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‘It’s sadly pathetic. Makes me angry from a general perspective – let alone that he could be my half brother,’ Mr Dorante-Day said.


‘When people say he looked very nervous and jumpy, I understand where Harry is coming from with that. I can tell that he’s worried about someone attacking Meghan and saying something that will force her to react.


‘My wife is the same, so I can relate. My advice for Harry is to let her go, to let Meghan say what she wants to say.


‘People have been racist and insensitive to Meghan, she should give it back to critics without people looking down on her.


‘He has a black wife. They say there isn’t a race issue, but there is. People are so ignorant.’


Mr Dorante-Day was born in Portsmouth, UK, on April 5, 1966 and was adopted at eight months old before his family later settled in Australia.


Both of Mr Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandparents had worked for the Queen and Prince Philip and he claims his adoptive grandmother told him he was the son of Charles and Camilla.


Mr Dorante-Day alleges King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla began their close relationship in 1965, a year before his birth certificate says he was born.


He claims that Queen Consort Camilla was absent from the British social scene and King Charles was sent on a trip to Australia nine months before he was born.


Mr Dorante has frequently put pictures of himself and family members next to those of the Windsor family to show the resemblance.

About Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla
About Simon Dorante-Day, the alleged illegitimate son of King Charles III and Camilla

He said whenever he looked at his son Liam or daughter Meriam he would see Queen Elizabeth.


‘That kind of brings the grief on,’ he said.


‘To see them (his children) brings it back, it’s right in your face. It’s not something you can ignore.


‘I know what happened to me.


‘It’s my life. It’s me explaining myself. I know it happened, it’s not a question in my mind – the question is why?’


Mr Dorante-Day believes inconsistencies on his birth certificate and his name also prove he is of royal blood.


But his timeline of events contradicts official records that say the new King and Camilla met each other five years after Mr Dorante-Day’s birth.


Mr Dorante-Day claimed his research suggests Charles and Camilla first became close in 1965, meeting at Winston Churchill’s funeral in January of that year.


However, Charles and Camilla are widely reported to have met at a polo match in Windsor Great Park in 1970.


Legend has it that she introduced herself with the line: ‘You know, sir, my great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-great-grandfather – so how about it?’ – a reference to Edward VII and his mistress, Alice Keppel.


She eventually married Charles in 2005, 10 years after her divorce from Andrew Parker Bowles in 1995.


Mr Dorante-Day has for years spoken of his desire for the royals submit to a DNA test to prove his genetic heritage and has been seeking legal advice to further his claims.

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