Adeleke’s one year office: A room and parlour self serving government, driving by ‘Omoloosu’- Osun Coalition

As Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke marked a year in office,an Osun Coalition for Civil Society Organizations (OCCSOs) has described the government of Senator Ademola Adeleke as a room and parlour self serving government driving by ‘Omoloosu’, urging the people of the State not to fall prey for grandstanding style of the present administration cosmetic achievements.


Reacting to a year anniversary of the present administration in the State which made the head of the government to abscond from the State since a week ago, Osun Coalition stressed that the much- media achievements of Adeleke were not commiserate with the funds accrue to the State from Federal Government purse within a year under review.

Also describe the much-media Adeleke’s Government achievements as media over blown achievements which hardly found in nooks and crannies of the State.


A Press Release signed by the Coordinator of the Coalition, Comrade Ade Olakunle on Wednesday, disclosed that all the media achievements of Adeleke, were mere dreaming and the little achievements the present administration in the State could lay claim to were self- serving without following due process of procurement law.

Further stressed that all the mere dreaming achievements of Adeleke were also whittle down by ‘Omoloosu’ for selfish aggrandizement, adding that Osun State since its creation in 1991,had not been administered lopsidedly as the people of the State were experiencing presently.


Comrade Olakunle noted that Governor Ademola Adeleke lacked capacity to take the State to the promised land, insisting that the State needs a State Governor and not a town Governor as being possessed by Adeleke presently, adding that only an administrator with State status could unite the State and as well take the State to promised land.

He explained further that Adeleke lacks respect for rule of law and due process, saying any good intentions in governance without due process of law,was tantamount to corrupt personified government and darkness in governance.


According to him, “Some of the projects embarked upon by Adeleke administration were not following due process because we have seen a situation where a project had commenced after five months before State Government requested for bidding in the Newspapers.

” Ninety percent of the Borehole water projects dug to mark hundred days in office were not functioning which made the meager resources of the State to end up in the purse of Adeleke family members and cronies.This shows that a year in office of Governor Ademola Adeleke was full of self serving internal agenda and the hand of Eshaw and voice of Jacob”.


Olakunle alleged that half-salaries payment of Adeleke’s Government to the affected workers and retirees alike, took forty-five days down payment to the affected people which should be seen as ineptitude of the present administration of Governor Adeleke in Osun State, noting that Adeleke was just playing politics with the payment of half salaries of workers and retirees alike, adding that the payment of half salaries that should be within three days across board always took payment for forty-five days across board.

Olakunle then, urged Governor Ademola Adeleke to wake up to its responsibility of ensuring welfare of the State workforce and retirees alike and by extension to the people of the State.

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