For those who are from Oyo/Ibadan axis of the Southwest, there’s a particular word we use for those individuals people underrate because of their “foolish” look, whereas they are far smarter than what you can ever imagine. We call people like that afididirinrenije or afiwererenije.

Governor Ademola Adeleke fits into this category. Osun people, either politicians or technocrats, Governor Adeleke is smarter than all of you. Some of you think you are wiser, right? I swear, with what I have observed so far in his appointment pattern, take it or leave, this man is far wiser than you.


Let me make a brief analysis on his smartness with respect to his recent appointments. In any state, after the governor and the secretary to the state government, some of the most important portfolios are the commissioner of finance and works. After these, the commissioner for local government and chairman of local government service commission are next in importance.

When I talk about “IMPORTANCE” , I’m not talking about hierarchy. Importance here means ile owo (juicy portfolio), where you make big money. On many occasions, the monies are made for the governors. However, these individuals have their cuts or percentages from the money. These monies run into billions of naira.

Now, let’s analyse those who are in charge of those juicy portfolios.


COMMISSIONER OF WORKS: The Govenor has appointed himself as the Osun State Commissioner of Works. All the road contracts will be overseen by himself. Oga commissioner/governor, I hail! Gomina Adeleke is the real Ologbondoriejamu of Osun State. O ti gbe awon suegbe ni go-go. 🙄


COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE: The newly-appointed Commissioner of Finance in Osun State is a former employee of Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s father) and Governor Adeleke’s elder brother. You know what that means? It’s just a transfer of service from private to public. All the finances and accounts of the State will be “RECONCILED” in Adeleke University.
chairman? Should I? Yes? OK, the new chairman is Tunji Adeleke Jnr. He is Governor Adeleke’s nephew and the son of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke Serubawon (Governor Adeleke’s late elder brother).

Do you know the funniest part of this appointment? It is that of Tunji Adeleke. This guy spent 10 years in Adeleke University to study a 4-year course. He just finished his NYSC in October 2022. I don’t know the requisite knowledge or experience he has before his uncle appointed him as the chairman of this highly-technical commission. Wetin I know sef.


Osun State people, the lord is your shepherd o. Either you want or not, you must want! I even heard that the Governor also appointed his brother’s wife as a commissioner. Oh, it’s also true? Issshhh 😀 In short, what we have in Osun is government of the Adelekes, by the Adelekes and for the Adelekes. Adeleocracy!



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