Akeredolu: Nigeria, Yoruba lost a courageous, honest leader – Ooni

That you, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, are back from your medical leave is no longer news. Your frail recuperating picture notwithstanding, I was happy to see you back alive. I join millions of Ondo State people and other well wishers to welcome you, Mr. Governor, back to the State. Your return to Ondo State after over three months of being in the throes of death, as mischievously speculated, can only be by the grace and benevolence of God, your creator. For this, I am thankful to God.


However, what has taken over the airwaves after your return has been the story of your battle with your deputy. This was accentuated by your sack of the Deputy Governor’s media aides. This development has given the people of the State and particularly members of our party serious cause for concern. What on earth could have gone wrong between you and your deputy? The optics are not in favour of this “war”, at least not at this time.


Whatever the issue is, Mr. Governor, this “fight” is very needless at this time, particularly against the backdrop of the fact that you just enjoyed the magnanimity of God to still be alive. That, I think, should be at the centre of all you do at this time. Even if the Deputy Governor, in your own estimation, has committed offences in your absence, you should, at least, have given him some credit for holding the fort while you were away. The State was peaceful in your absence and government activities were not grounded. Though the government was run on “Oga Sope” and the acting was just a figure head. There lies, at least, a reason to appreciate your deputy and your entire team.


We were not unaware of the restiveness in the corridors of power, occasioned by petty politics and the rat race to 2024, while you were away. Indeed, we thought it was “normal” and expected in a government that is winding down. This should not have been allowed to degenerate to this level.

Mr. Governor, I know you to be a man of courage, not lacking in the will to drive whatever you believe in; but it appears the cabals in your government have grown bigger feathers and have taken on more powers in your absence. I believe they are the ones giving you false or exaggerated reports, thereby fuelling this needless crisis. Do not allow your courage to be caught in the whirlwind of these petty and selfish people. If this is about 2024, then some people are trying to play God. You must not allow this. Let it be known that it is God that gives power and He gives it to whoever He wants.


As I close this open letter to you, permit me to say that if Lucky Aiyedatiwa suffers the fate of Agboola Ajayi, your erstwhile and estranged deputy, then you will have attracted to your integrity and sense of judgement a big question mark. Two people cannot be wrong in the same position, at the same time and to the same man. I appeal to you to stop dancing to the beats of these cabals and develop an open mind to everybody as we have known you to be. Be a father of all and a leader to all. Tomorrow is near, yet so far.


God bless our dear Governor,
God bless Ondo State.



Engr. Sunday Falae.

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