Angel Smith: ‘Before I dropped out of School’

Angel Smith, former Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, has spoken up about her brief stint at the University of Lagos.


The BBNaija star revealed that she was only at the institution for two weeks before leaving due to a sxxual assault encounter.


Angel made this disclosure in an interview with Taymesan on Friday, May 20.


She said:

“I was in UNILAG for only two weeks. I struggled so much for those two weeks because when I got into UNILAG was my first sxxual assault experience.


After that experience happened, I can remember just moving through it and pretending like it never happened.


It affected my school life so much. I always blamed it on not knowing what to do in UNILAG when actually, I’ve always been fully aware of what I wanted to do.”

Angel Smith: 'Before I dropped out of School'
Angel Smith

Angel revealed that she had lived with her grandmother, and although she wanted to be a gynecologist she had done away with the idea and began excelling in English to the point when she won multiple Spelling Bees and improved her writing ability.


In her words:

“I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t just do that because I had experienced something so traumatic and I didn’t speak to anybody about it, especially not my granny because I had so much shame


Nobody knew I was out of school until my mum had asked and I was like, ‘let me finally be out with it’.


“When I told her that and she asked me why, I obviously did not tell her what happened. I just told her I didn’t think I was doing the right course.


“Then she enrolled me in a foundational programme in the UK, which I dropped out from too.”


According to Angel, she had quit school because at that point in her life she didn’t really know what she wanted.

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