Attack on Nigerian actor leaves 5 dead in Cameroon

At least five people were killed and several others injured in a shooting just before midnight Saturday at a bar in Cameroon’s restive English-speaking region of North, local and security sources said on Sunday.

Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu who is in Cameroon to shoot a movie was the target of the attack that took place in the region’s chief town of Bamenda.


“Madu was having a drink with other crew members when they (gunmen) arrived and attempted to kidnap him. Security forces were alerted and there was shootout that resulted in the deaths,” a security source in the region told Xinhua.


The government has blamed separatist fighters who regularly operate in the town for the killings. Some of those who were injured in the raid were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment.

Cameroon’s English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions have been experiencing a separatist insurgency since 2017. Separatists want to create an independent nation in the regions.


The are speculation that he has been banned from Cameroon after the incident. But Ngalim Sylverius says;

Nigerian Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu popularly known as Shina Rambo who is one of the most loved and most popular Nollywood actors in Cameroon couldn’t possibly be banned from Cameroon. Instead, he is currently in Bamenda for a movie shoot titled “Abakwa” and will also be sensitizing youths against drvg abuse.

This forthcoming movie is regarded by many Cameroonians to be the best action movie by Collywood this year.”


Also adding, Ibemsi Ngam says;

”I think actor Sylvester Madu should rather go back if he hasn’t done so or if his security is still up in the air.

In wartimes like these one doesn’t have to act like nothing is happening and worse is that the movie roles he is known for are the realities going on in Bamenda.

He should either go back or urge his invitees to sit up in his security and wellbeing.”

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