Barcelona to Pay $104M Per Year for Stadium Renovation

Barcelona to Pay $104M Per Year for Stadium Renovation

After securing $1.6 billion in debt financing for its Espai Barça project earlier this week, FC Barcelona has clarified how it will pay it back.

The Spanish club is set to pay $104 million per year starting in 2026 once the renovations to Camp Nou are complete.


When the bulk of construction begins in June, Barcelona will play its matches in the city’s Estadi Olimpic — which will temporarily generate lower ticket revenue because its capacity is 40% less than Camp Nou’s.

Barcelona raised $413 million through a bank loan and the rest of the $1.6 billion through private placements from 20 international investors.


Barça have previously sold a minority stake in various club assets in order to finance moves for players. Even now they are reportedly planning to sell the remaining 24% stake in Barça Studios in order to fund a move to Lionel Messi and generate new income ahead of the coming summer.

The Catalans will have various repayment periods for this mega project, including a progressive tenure of 5, 7, 9, 20 and 24 years. A grace period has been added, giving the club some much-needed leeway, should they require any.


Barcelona are expected to start repaying the loan once the operation is completed. They are set to use the revenue from Spotify Camp Nou, which is estimated to be around €247 million, the club confirmed.

Barcelona, though, will have to play the 2023/24 campaign at the 55,000-capacity Montjuic Olympic Stadium.

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