Between Fashola and the Low Hanging Fruits: Lurking or Plucking?

Between Fashola and the Low Hanging Fruits: Lurking or Plucking?

Nigerians have been badly and serially injured in times past but the recent volcanic ballot coup is the worst yet. It appears that the perpetrators of the February 25th presidential catastrophe have plans not to let it simmer off before brewing another. HE Babatunde Raji Fashola, at this very critical stage, appears to be the man in the eye of the storm. Though mostly unconfirmed but it appears the former governor of Lagos State is steering the wheel for his master and purportedly crossing some red lines barefooted.


First it was Prof Mahmood Yakubu orchestrating a fraudulent election to favour the APC candidate, HE Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for which the LP candidate HE Peter Obi and PDP’s HE Atiku Abubakar are in court, now one of Tinubu’s ‘good’ boys, Fashola, is allegedly writing the PEPT judgement, to be adopted by the Justice Haruna Tsammani-led team of judges. What is hanging in the middle?

Further reports allege that the judges were promised, in addition to huge sums of money, promotion to the Supreme Court should they play swing and accept to use the verdict as written by Fashola. Sounds ridiculous but, do believe it, more outlandish things have happened in Nigeria, especially since February 25, 2023 when the phrase, ‘Technical Glitch’ invaded and became part of our daily lexicon.


Though Fashola was reported to have denied the allegation, the smoke still oozing out from the fireplace remains an index to an activity in the kitchen. It was also alleged that Fashola wrote the judgement for the judges in the 2019 election to favour Buhari.

How strong could his denial be if…


Sycamoretimes online (03-08-23) reports, like other tabloids that “the former Lagos State Governor and former Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola and some APC lawyers are allegedly writing the judgement Bola Tinubu and APC intend to hand over to the PEPT, to adopt”.


Ibrahim Masari, Babatunde Fashola, Yusuf Bichi, Nyesom Wike and two undisclosed ex-governors from the North were, according to Onlinenigeria portal, commissioned by Tinubu, to ensure the judgement favours him. The DG of the NGO, Face of Waziri Nigeria (FOWN) group, Mr Bukky Adeniyi, disclosed that the six political allies were tasked to meet the judges and woo them over to the side of compromise.

In the midst of the thickening cloud of smokes, Nigerians wonder, so, there are legal cronies who specialise in writing judgements for tribunals to which they do not belong?

Forgers and merchants of forgery everywhere!


The more they try to hoodwink Nigerians, the more they get exposed. But wait a bit, is it true that the Nigerian Army has seized Fashola’s home? Is it another branch of the same tree or a new tree altogether? Both the sponsors and contractors of the ills that wobble this country, for murdering sleep, like Macbeth, shall see no sleep. All those contracted to injure and murder electoral fidelity at one stage or another, in Nigeria must pause now, look around and think of judgement day. Recent events around the continent suggest that their days are numbered.


Fashola was heavily accused by unofficial sources as having got his fingers deep in the rigging jar of the last presidential election from the APC ‘Situation Room’. Time to clear his name of such allegation, and these present ones occupying every media space. The Judiciary should be left alone to deliver equitable justice.




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