Blessing CEO: How Side Chicks are helping marriages

Fighting your husband’s side chick unwise, says Blessing CEO

Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO, has claimed that most marriages are stable because of side chicks.

According to Okoro, most men would have dumped their marriages if they did not have side chicks to attend to their needs when their wives are not emotionally unavailable.


Speaking via an interview that went viral on Friday, the social media diva argued that men are adventurous in nature and their wives cannot be available always.

She explained that sometimes when a woman is pregnant she becomes unavailable emotionally and that is when the side chick steps in.

Blessing CEO: How Side Chicks are helping marriages
Blessing CEO: How Side Chicks are helping marriages

According to her, “Without side chicks, a lot of marriages will be broken today. That is one reality that we would face because a lot of these married women cannot satisfy their husbands. It might not even be sexually.

“Men are adventurous by nature. Sometimes when a woman is pregnant, a lot of things are happening to her: she is not in the mood, she’s busy. And the man is out there. The side chick does the work. If there’s no side chick to play that role, men will walk away [from marriage].”

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One thought on “Blessing CEO: How Side Chicks are helping marriages

  1. God almighty is the greatest. That’s why in the final revelation the Qur’an sent through the last final messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) last 1400 years ago. A solution to this was provided therein “Men are allowed to marry at the first instance two or three or four but if one is afraid of injustice should marry only one” l think Islam has the solution, kindly go for it instead of the side chick. Thank you.

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