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Davido hints on starting Bitcoin company

Davido hints on starting Bitcoin company

David Adeleke professionally known as Davido has revealed plans to start a company dealing in the trading Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Davido gave the hint via his Twitter platform that he is seriously contemplating starting a Bitcoin company.

“Thinking of starting a Bitcoin trading company … let’s see ..”

Davido hints on starting Bitcoin company

This is coming about a month after Davido finally joined his family’s multi-billionaire enterprise, Pacific Holdings Limited.

Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency has continued to draw attention globally after its price rose exponentially between December and January.

The crypto hit an all-time high price of $40,000 in January. However, the price of the coin dropped below $30,000 for a short period.

Bitcoin currently trades at $35,000.

Bitcoin is addressed as the number one cryptocurrency because it has the largest market capitalization ahead of other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s market cap at press time is $648,767,966,000

Bitcoin is followed by Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency.


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