Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer

Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer

Frank Obegi was born on 6th Sep 1996 in the small Bogwendo village of Kisii County.

He was the 2nd born child to Evans Bowendo & Beatrice Nyanchama, a humble couple who struggled to meet their daily needs.


In 2015, he joined Multimedia University in Rongai to pursue a degree course in Information & Communication after clearing HS at Cardinal Otunga.

At Pale campus he experienced maisha ya ucomrade where being broke is the order of the day. So he started to build up an influencing career to earn some bucks even updating his google portfolio.

However, since it takes time to pick up on Twitter unlike other apps, he decided to use a copy & paste strategy.

He’d copy the most interactive tweets & post them as his own sth that made KOT start a hashtag #JailObegi calling him out.


However, this didn’t faze him abit. Actually it worked in his favor since he was now the talk of town in 2016 making him a Bigwig.

His new status made him make friends with notable influencers who’d offer him gigz.
All thru 2017 -2019 he became a bigwig on Twitter design he’d get his own influencing gigz & offer other budding tweeps.


Lakini the influencing jobs were not as reliable as he thought so he opted for a new trade that was on the rise amongst most University students.

The trade of Academic Writing.

To manouver this trade, he met one Fred Obare who “sold” accounts for Academic Writing .

Unbeknownst to him, Fred was a scammer who together with his 2 buddies had scammed lots of people pretending that he’d sell them academic writing accounts.

These scams had enabled him to live a soft life in Nairobi having failed to graduate from Kenyatta University.

His transformation was evident cementing the fact that money changes people.


Moreover he was also friends with the KITENGELA 4 scammers who he was drinking with on the fateful day they left for Kitengela only to be picked up by unknown men who brutally murdered them in 2021.


One of Obare’s victims was a girlfriend of his associate Elijah Omeka, a PHD Student at Kenyatta University, whom they had convinced that Obare would sell to her an Academic Writing account at a price of Ksh 100K .

Baddie alipigwa na butwaa ajab !!

Elijah Omeka was a sweet talking PHD student who ironically came from an affluent family in Kisii.

He had a way with words which enabled him to swindle ladies earning him the money to buy himself a Toyota Prado, Honda Vitz & build a home at Kamakis.


One lady on FB recanted how he managed to sweet-talk her out of Ksh 250K something that hurt her till date.

In addition, Elijah Omeka also had unknown business ties with Joseph Ngendo who was a known drug dealer posing as an Anti-Drugs Campaigner on X.

In 2019, Joseph had been arrested smuggling heroin at JKIA inside PawPaw fruits.

So brazen was his confidence that he run an Anti-Drugs campaign on his Twitter account while behind the scenes he worked for a Nigerian drug lord in UG

His guts even convinced him to view for MCA seat in 2022.


Moses Amenya was the 3rd associate. He was also a KU student who was lucky enough to be among KU students who got a scholarship to go to China & learn Chinese in an exchange programme. However when Moses returned from China, he differed his studies due to unknown reasons & started engaging in scam activities to sustain himself.


Oblivious of the history of Fred’s associates , Frank Obegi joined the squad as a drinking buddy pale Seasons.

Kiasi kiasi wakamshow online writing was just a smokescreen for their main job which was Scam/ Cryptocurrency/Credit card Fraud.

Obegi kuskia hivyo alichangamka since he had read about how scammers were making big bucks in this trade.

The enemy has always been poverty & without a 2nd thought Obegi joined the squad making his big kill


0n May 2019 together with an accomplice he managed to scam Hillary of 240K by pretending to sell him bots.

He even posted the scam on his FB page.

With the money in hand, Frank started living the large life.. He moved from Rongai to Seasons Kasa.

At Kasarani, everyday was a party. Akiamka ni mzinga ama beer polite kwa keja….

If he’s not drinking at home, he’d settle at the VIP section of Garage Lounge Bar in Thika where drinks have a Ksh 500 increase on normal price.

While there, he’d give Ksh 1K to waitresses who served him like a black King.


Akiboeka he’d book a flight to Diani apige sherehe na kina Amina for the weekend while posting funny memes on Twitter and beautiful sceneries on his views on IG.

This new found life of the party even turned him into a motivational speaker churning out wisdom on his FB page.

Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer
Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer

Lakini deep down his heart he knew he was doing sth wrong & risky. Scamming people of their hard owned cash is not a joke…

Lakini 50 cent said Get Rich or Die Trying & Obegi was a good student who went all in….

He continued with his scams leaving trails of victims behind crying after partying away with huge amounts of cash to him in cryptocurrency scams.


And one day in 2021 his life was almost cut short after a victim tracked him at a joint in Kasarani baying for his blood.

He was in the company of Moses Amenya & were lucky to be whisked away by the police from the irate mob.

After the near death ordeal, the two moved back home in Kisii where they’d lay low for sometime. They were scared but not beaten.


You would think that the near death ordeal would make him change his ways lakini wapi, poverty is not an option

Mans came back to town with his scams pinning a YOLO tweet!!

Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer
Frank Obegi: How a Twitter Influencer became an Online Scammer

Sadly, in the months leading to June 2022 he was allegedly caught up in a scam where the victim lost Ksh 1M.

This scam would turn out to be his ticket to Ahera together with Fred, Elijah & Moses making them the famous KIJABE FOUR.


How Frank Obegi, four friends spent their final hours

”Police have revealed the identities of four men whose bodies were found dumped in Kijabe forest, Kiambu county on Sunday, June 19.


The four; Elijah Omeka, Frank Obegi, Mose Nyachae and Fred Obare Mokaya went missing from Kasarani in Nairobi about a week ago before their bodies were discovered.

Further investigation into the incident established that the killers of the four lured them into their death traps using a mysterious woman.

However, the motive behind their killing is still unclear.


Confirming the incident, Lari OCPD Anderson Furaha said that the bodies were badly mutilated and had their private parts amputated. They were seemingly killed through strangulation.

“One of them had been partly eaten by wild animals. Their private parts had been amputated and it seems they died through strangulation. They had no identification documents and were naked,” Furaha said.


Of the four, Frank was the most known as he was a Twitter influencer. Unconfirmed reports claimed that he was among a group that scammed people online through Cryptocurrency and ATMs and he might have been killed in a deal gone wrong.”


One day they would be spending tens of thousands in a nightclub with beautiful women and the next they would be drinking cheap beer and pleading with their parents upcountry to send some bananas or maize as they did not have money for food.


Finally, witness disclosed that Obegi had almost poached him into the fraud racket that has seen innocent Kenyans lose money through the ATMs.

The witness would later learn from one of his friends that the scam had involved collecting details on ATM cards in order to link them to global financial technology companies such as PayPal. Afterwards, they would withdraw money from their victims’ bank accounts.


“Frank Obegi asked me to bring him ATM cards and he would show me how to make money. I later realised that he had recruited some childhood friends I had in 2014.

“They told me they take a photo of the ATM card and link the details to PayPal. That way they can transfer any amount from the bank to the linked PayPal and then withdraw it,” the witness spoke.


He added that through this method, the fraudsters would steal from Kenyans without demanding their Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

Other times ATM fraudsters rely on bank account holders entering their card details during online transactions to which they capture their details.

“I don’t know where they got the cards from. Probably in the nightclubs, they used to frequent or even bank employees,” Obegi’s friend said.


There are about 6 million ATM transactions monthly according to the Central Bank of Kenya. Cyber security expert Dr Bright Gameli said in an exposé that there are scammers who buy ATM card information from hackers from as low as Ksh12,000 for 10,000 cards.

According to a 2021 digital fraud report by credit reporting agency TransUnion, Kenyan banks are losing over Ksh14 billion every year to fraudsters through identity theft.

Unconfirmed reports had placed Obegi as among the group members scamming people online through cryptocurrency and ATM fraud and might have been killed over a deal gone wrong.


Friends of the deceased had reportedly indicated that Frank, Moses Nyachae and Elijah Omeke had been living large on the proceeds of money that largely remained unexplained. The three were also reported to have escaped death narrowly after they were caught in a suspected ‘wash wash’ (Nairobi slang for financial scams) tricks in 2020.

Multiple friends and acquaintances had reported that Fred lived an honest life trading academic writing accounts but was also a close friend to Obegi and his gang.

The four led lavish lifestyles and spent huge amounts of money when they went out to party at various entertainment joints in Nairobi.


Obegi’s troubles started when the girlfriend of one of his colleagues called him to inform him about the disappearance of one of his friends. The academic writing trader reported the matter to a police station and immediately went missing – until his body was found on Monday, June 20, 2022.


with contribution from ”Don Bull”

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