First of all, there’s no God of Israel in Africa. God of Israel is Yahweh. Africans are mostly christians, worshipping Jesus, a part of the composite Trinity. Israel doesn’t worship Trinity. They never did. Trinity comes from Rome, Vatican. For Romans to tell you the God they are selling you is from Nazareth when it’s not, is the first red flag.

Even the date they claim Jesus was born in Nazareth, there was no Nazareth. The town had not been founded. Roman generals were awarded and rewarded depending on the number of cities, towns, and villages they conquered. Years after Jesus is supposed to have been born, a Roman general conquered the area and listed graphic details of settlements there. Nazareth is conspicuously missing.


The letter ‘J’ as in Jesus, was unknown to Jews (pronounced yews) until some three hundred years ago, over one thousand five hundred years after the Romans created the Jesus story. Stories of a virgin birth, a resurrected god man, wise men visiting a birth and all, existed in the area and beyond, long before Jesus supposedly appears on the scene. Worse still, most christians don’t know the difference between El, Yahweh and Jesus. They assume they’re the same.

Since it behoves on the creators of any God to decide its nature, history and propensities, let’s accept, for the purpose of the conversation, that they’re all the same. Let’s now grant christians whatever character they themselves ascribe to their own God. What character is it ? The Christian God created humans. He also creates a trouble maker, a deceiver, a disrupter, and destroyer, to keep humans struggling for survival, never mind progress. This individual is called Satan. Since God created Satan and God has power over Satan, it’s reasonable to assume Satan was created to worry humans, not God.


This is the God white people worship. This is their icon, a paragon of their values. This is their inspiration, what they want to be. It’s safe to assume that this is the character of the white man. Let’s watch. Fast forward to 2020. The West have long “discovered” us, Africans. They want us to serve them by growing cocoa beans, rubber and cashew for them. They want to mine our minerals, including petrol.

They tell us obedience is a virtue. To whom ? Before then, they told us subservience to the slave master was good when we were their slaves. During colonialism, they told us to obey government, their government. All these are in a book their God gave them to bring us. In the book, we are told that trying to be wise or intelligent is an affront to God. “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. But there’s school he brings too. Any school, as long as students keep exercising the brain, makes students intelligent, even wise.


So insurgents, secessionists and terrorists appear to keep us busy. We are too busy to check that we are being exploited. How do we know the insurgents, secessionists and terrorists are who they say they are ? It’s the white man who interviews them and broadcasts it on their airwaves. Do the insurgents, secessionists and terrorists make guns and bombs ? No ! They are made and sold by the white man, our Lord.


Why don’t they kill or kidnap the white man who interviews them ? If the white man loves us, why doesn’t he stop supplying them weapons ? If the West is friendly enough to merit our gold, oil and cocoa, why don’t they smash out the terrorists, secessionists and insurgents for us ? Maybe the white man is like his God. Remember, his God converses with Satan and reveals it to humans. His God doesn’t kill Satan. His God makes Satan threaten us constantly so that we’ll keep paying homage for protection. Hmmmn ?

I bet you are getting too wise for comfort. He doesn’t like that. Togo’s Gilchrist Olympio became so wise they had to kill him. In Ghana, a certain Kwame Nkrumah also became intelligent and had to be eliminated. Before him, Congo had Patrice Lumumba trying to use his country’s resources to develop black society. He made sure Lumumba was strangled and cut to pieces.


There have since been many many more. You’re not even permitted to learn about or commemorate them. Only the unavoidable.

Now, tell me. Do you want to be wise and intelligent ? Black people keep trying. Okay, let’s do it this way. Before you finish his school, you have to profess to follow his God. You have to agree that it’s possible and sensible for an Almighty Lord to love you while at the same time create and harbour insurgents against you, insurgents he has control over but cannot control. It doesn’t matter whether you understand or not. Just agree. If you agree or at least keep quiet over it, he can work with you. Then he can allow you to lead your people. It’s already happened to many African leaders.


But remember, those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities, even to your own people. This is why only godly politicians (where God means only the white or Arab God) are allowed to reach the top. And as Donald Trump said, we pay for this indoctrination too. In short, there’s a God of Israel who is not God of Israel, for whom you pay for protection who creates Satan to attack you, in order to keep you busy while he exploits you. After all, God works in mysterious ways.


Mark McStill


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