How I made $3 million in six months at 20 with zero qualifications

How I made $3 million in six months at 20 with zero qualifications

A woman revealed how she dropped out of school and made $3 million in six months at the age of 20. Inayah McMillan, now 21, from St. Louis, Missouri, took to her YouTube channel to share her story and to give advice to others who want to do the same. The nine-minute long video, which racked up nearly 900,000 views.


In the clip she explained that she initially tried different avenues of making money, including eCommerce, drop shipping and stock trading but she eventually found the right fit for her. She said: ‘I started off by renting, I actually didn’t own any properties. I now have 11 that I rent. From that, I learned how to do rental arbitrage and at first I didn’t really understand it fully. But I was learning as I went and I kind of went through the mistakes the learning curves, I figured out what worked and what didn’t work. Then everyone started seeing this 20 year old girl is making five figures a month making forty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, sixty thousand dollars a month.’

Soon many people started asking her to teach them how she achieved her incredible success. She and her partner Bryson then decided to start a coaching business to help other people in this field.


She said: ‘We made up to sixty thousand dollars in a month from Airbnb and then we started getting students who were also getting results. So we started an entire coaching program I was actually able to hire a lot of my family to work with me to keep scaling this coaching business.’


Inayah was so confident in her business she even told her brother that she doesn’t think he needs to go to college as she will be so successful. In October Inayah and her partner made their first million dollars from their business and it has continued to grow. ‘June of 2022 I made a hundred thousand dollars, that was my first six figure month,’ she said.


‘After that I told my brother, ‘I’m going to make two hundred thousand dollars this month.’ In July, we made over two hundred thousand dollars. Our Revenue just kept increasing as we started making more and more of an impact for more people. ‘In October me and Bryson, we were like, “We’re going to make a million dollars this month” and in October we made a million dollars. In November, we made a million dollars. Finishing up the end of the year, we generated over three million dollars from our Airbnbs and also from our coaching.’

She continued: ‘The intentional actions, the positive mindset and actually living in what you say you’re going to do – that’s how we made three million dollars. One of the lessons she’s taken away from this is that when you have money, you don’t become a different person. Instead, it gives you ‘more freedom’ and ‘more opportunity.’ However Inayahs entrepreneurial journey wasn’t always smooth sailing as she also detailed her trials and tribulations in the clip. She revealed she never ‘fit in’ in school although she was an honors student she didn’t have many friends.

How I made $3 million in six months at 20 with zero qualifications
How I made $3 million in six months at 20 with zero qualifications

She said: ‘It was a little bit hard to fit in: I’m black, I’m Hispanic, I’m Muslim.’ When she was 16 she lived with her brother Jamil at their father’s house and she recalled him handing her a book called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. He told her it would help her ‘become successful’ and she even remembered seeing a whiteboard in his room that said ‘I will be a millionaire by 22.’

She said: ‘In my head, I was thinking, ‘Where’d he come up with that? We’ve never seen a millionaire in our life. Money was never something that we grew up seeing, it was never something that we were familiar with. My family never had a lot of money in any aspect.’ After her eldest brother passed away she said it changed her ‘whole perspective on life.’ At the end of her first year at university, she managed to bag an interview with a ‘very high profile family’ to be a nanny.

She said the role was the perfect opportunity to learn first-hand from a ‘billionaire’ who ‘has the lifestyle that I want.’


Saying: ‘So at the end of freshman year, I remember we were finishing up with classes and I was listening to these tapes and they said people who are successful make decisions quickly and they stick to those decisions. I decided right then and there, I said, “I’m going to be done with school, I’m going to drop out.”‘ That’s when Inayah decided to change her own life around and started reading books, watching YouTube videos and teaching herself new skills.

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