The much talked about meeting between the state Exco, Imo State stakeholders and the National working committee of the PDP, has come and gone. Recall that Samdaddy had written a petition to the NWC accusing the SWC of Imo PDP of embezzlement, and thereafter demanding for their dissolution.


What Samdaddy forgot is that Ayu who is the National Chairman is also fighting the same crisis. Wike has been everywhere demanding for Ayus resignation. What has continued to save Ayu is the fact that election is in few months time. There can never be a dissolution of the Exco members without crises arising from it. Samdaddy is not smart.


Before the Abuja trip, Samdaddy had assured his team that the Exco in Imo will be removed. Infact, Samdaddy had his caretaker committee written down and presented before his men. They were all excited and were only waiting for time to begin “congratulations”.


However while in Abuja, the story changed. Samdaddy became helpless. His supporters became helpless. Some were even worried if Samdaddy was really a member of the NWC or one of the “ball boys” at Wadata Plaza. There was no control. There was no loyalty. He was rather seen as the man who no one wants to associate with because of his inconsistent character.


Samdaddy failed his supporters. Samdaddy failed in all the promises he made to them. I remember one of them was already bragging that after Tuesday, they will silence everywhere. Unfortunately for them, Tuesday has silenced them.


The truth is that the stakeholders meeting in Abuja has exposed Samdaddy as a mere opportunist. He is not rooted and he is not on ground. He lacks capacity to lead and most importantly flourish as a team. Little wonder he betrayed the man who brought him into National politics. But He has paid the price and will continue to pay.



Dr Kema Chikwe is just angry and bitter. Unfortunately he is directing his anger to the wrong person. The truth is that Ihedioha supported Onyewuchi to win second tenure. But Onyewuchi could not support himself. For the records, Onyewuchi is the Oil Company of Kema Chikwe and family. He has held on to them for so long, even while he was still in APGA. So Kema Chikwe wanted Onyewuchi to win not because of what he has done for Ndi Owerri Zone, but for his monthly allocation to continue streaming. Yes, Onyewuchi pays monthly allocation not salary to Kema Chikwe.


Kema Chikwe forgot the man who has shown her respect and solidarity at all times. Ihedioha has always identified with “Anty Kema”. He places her above every other person in any public event, he respects her like an elder and a mother. Ihedioha even appointed Kema Chikwe’s Son at the Lagos office of IMGH. An appointment that attracted backlash to Ihedioha. He was accused of only favoring Children of the rich. Same Kema Chikwe is the one who Samdaddy hired to fight Ihedioha.


When Samdaddy ran for Governor in 2019 and lost, he did everything to participate in the Senate primaries and both the high and mighty at the top wanted Samdaddy to return to Senate. It was this same Ihedioha that Kema Chikwe ran to. Ihedioha saved Onyewuchi and made him go to the Senate. That was the same way Ihedioha made Samdaddy a Senator in 2015.


Ihedioha is a good person when he supports you. But a bad person when another person defeats u. Onyewuchi was roundly defeated and it was never Ihedioha’s fault. Left with Ihedioha, Onyewuchi couldn’t have pulled up to 10 votes against Onyeagucha. He was incompetent and still remained and lacked the exposure to be a senator of a civilized zone like Owerri Zone.



This is another bad looser. He feels that the seat of Aboh Mbaise Ngor Okpala should be reserved for him. He wants to go third term like Ihedioha but didn’t want to work like Ihedioha in his first and second term. I n Ihedioha’s second term in the house of Reps, he had attracted roads, power sub stations, employments, sports centers, health facilities, and so on. In the entire seven year still counting of Bede Eke, what has he done for his people? Apart from wearing White slippers and moving around like a confused representative, what other achievement has he made?


Imo PDP must be allowed to enjoy peace. Enough of these distractions close to election period.

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