Kayla Keen: Why I ditched banking business to focus on men

Kayla Keen , is a woman went from working in a bank to draining men’s bank accounts.

Kayla Keen’s smitten fans happily hand over wads of their cash – and she’s not going to complain!


Kayla Keen is a plus size cam girl featured on Channel 4 documentary, Confessions of a Cam Girl. But, how did the sexy star build up such a big fanbase? 

Here, we take a look at her saucy career that catapulted her into sex work stardom


The self-proclaimed ‘bimbo Barbie’ spoke about her career on Channel 4 documentary, Confessions of a Cam Girl.

Here’s everything you need to know about her…


Who is Kayla Keen?
The Scottish lass, 27, used to work as a fraud investigator in a high street bank before she took the plunge into the sex industry.

She started to live stream on cam three years ago but it took her six months to really commit to it.

The model used to take medication for her struggles with depression and anxiety and took time off her banking job because of her ill health.

But ever since she fully committed to camming, she found confidence in herself.

Kayla Keen: Why I ditched banking business to focus on men

Kayla is often called a “goddess” by men and practices financial domination where she ‘drains’ blokes for cash.

She’s now learned to embrace her curves and loves her ‘alternative Barbie’ look.

Kayla has several tattoos across her body and likes to mix her bimbo-style with a more ’emo’ vibe.

“I was riddled with self-confidence issues,” the model opened up to us.

“I had quite a lot of mental health problems.

“I was really anxious and quite depressed for a long time and it lead to me being off work for periods of time and I was on medication.

“I would say 90% of them concerns came from my image of myself and how I felt about myself.

“At first, it’s false confidence and then it really is fake it til you make it.

“I pushed myself to look confident and then it just started to come a bit more naturally.”


How much has Kayla Keen earned?
Kayla is not very keen on sharing the exact amount she has earned from camming.

But she claimed that she is in a “far better” financial position than she was working full-time at any other job she’s had in the past.

The model did share that she charges a starting rate of £4 per minute for live cam work that automatically increases as the minutes tick along.

These rates apply when she cams on AdultWork – a sex worker platform – and she then charges £10 a minute when if a cam session is arrived privately with a client.

She’s even had an angry wife in her DM’s after their husband covered all of Kayla’s rent in one sitting.

Kayla Keen: Why I ditched banking business to focus on men

“I’m able to work to a schedule that suits me and live pretty comfortably and have some exciting plans for the future, which I’m super grateful for,” Kayla exclusively shared with us.

“On cam these requests are done live with the price increasing automatically by the minute with my rates, which are around £4 per minute via AdultWork or £10 per minute if arranged privately.

“On AdultWork I only get in to naughty or fetish requests once the call has been connected for a few minutes and I know exactly what turns my client on whereas privately this is all discussed before the session.

“Like any industry, there are negative sides.

“But I hope this will show some of the positive sides that aren’t just ‘earn loads of cash’!

“It’s much more than that for me.”


She also earns an income from modelling on OnlyFans – and has won fans over with her Lego cosplay.

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