Luchy Donalds: Decency has become oldskool

Luchy Donalds: Decency has become oldskool

Nollywood actress, Luchy Donalds believes decency is no longer gold.

She said, though there is freedom to live ones life they way they like but the decency is gone.


She says; “You see, nowadays, decency has become oldskool to a majority of our society. Do not get me wrong, anybody, especially an adult, has the right to do anything. For me, it’s okay to look beautiful, to be stylish and fashionable . It’s good for you as an individual, good for the brand you want to build. But what I do not condone is nudity. That is where I draw the line.”


Donalds noted that many women on social media go over the edge of decency, all in the bid of trending and attracting traffic to build followership but warns that the risk far outweighs the presumed benefit.

“Some people see it as an act of desperation, clout chasing, to trend or get traffic on their pages. To me, it does not in any way speak well of the person involved and the brand you are trying to build. One can lose jobs, contracts or endorsement deals with big and reputable companies because no one would want to work with someone that goes naked on the internet,” she said.

Luchy Donalds: Decency has become oldskool
Luchy Donalds: Decency has become oldskool

Luchy Donalds began her career as an actress in 2014. Her first picture, “The Investigator,” established the tone for her meteoric ascension in the profession. With a wonderful demonstration of competence in role interpretation, movie directors were quick to cast her, and she quickly became a toast of all.

Since her initial success, she has been in a number of more critically acclaimed films. King’s Wife, Mr Arrogant, Chisom The Wife Material, Too Hard To Forget, Mrs and The Mistress are among them.

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