My anger with Uyo Fashion week

Uyo Fashion week starts tomorrow and I am not the least excited because the first edition was not praiseworthy for me.

A fantastic show nicely organized but I couldn’t help but notice that not a single talent or creative from Uyo was used for anything.

From the event host, to red carpet host to the fashion models… Every single one was imported from Lagos.


What is wrong with making a fine mix of talents and creatives from Uyo and anywhere else?

Why not make Nancy Isime a special guest appearance hosting alongside home-bred hosts?

Why pay for the flight, a luxury hotel accommodation, feeding and every other logistics for all the models all the way from Lagos without considering any from the state?

What were they portraying to all those people they brought in?? That the models here are not good enough? Or that we don’t have any at all?


Even the least thing as photography, a brand was brought in from Lagos when we have people like Brave Peters, Joseph Ekong, Edward Edem, Josh Leonard, Iniubong Abasi, Abasiono Edet, Nectar Studios, Motionzstudios and a lot more.

So why call it Uyo Fashion week when everything is imported from Lagos? You should just call it “Lagos fashion in Uyo week”?

Which of our talents did they commercialize? Which was promoted and exported?


As if it’s not enough, boom Ebuka was added to the fiasco, no space for anyone in Uyo to showcase what they’ve got and Uyo people are cheering 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

I weep for creatives in Uyo, nobody rate una.


I hope it’s a different story this year, else they should carry their radarada and leave our city. Host it in Lagos and invite us, if we like we go come🙄🙄


Ono Hogan

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