My husband from the outset of our marriage made life unbearable for me

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has heard the evidence of a woman, Yetunde Fagbenro, who dragged her husband, Ganiyu Fagbenro, to court for divorce on the grounds that he was irresponsible, cruel and always threatening her life.


Yetunde stated that Ganiyu apart from beating and leaving her with injury also deprived her of the opportunity of working and earning a living.

She explained that he always locked her up in their room almost all the time and would refuse that she went out.

Yetunde further told the court that Ganiyu constantly starved her and their two children.


According to the plaintiff, the defendant gave her and their children N500 for food every other day and would add nothing to this anytime they fought.

Yetunde also said that she left her matrimonial home with their children when it was obvious there was no end to their suffering.

Ganiyu, she claimed since then had not relented in harassing and threatening to have their children’s custody.


The plaintiff thus pleaded for their children’s custody while her husband was made to be responsible for their upkeep.

She also prayed the court to restrain him from harassing or interfering with her private life.


Ganiyu was not in court despite being served court summonses.


Yetunde in her evidence said: “My lord, I pray this honourable court to grant my prayer of divorce.

“My husband and I did not have a wedding ceremony. We only had an introduction ceremony with a few members of both families in attendance.

“Ganiyu did not pay my bride price.

“My husband from the outset of our marriage made life unbearable for me.

“He refused that I worked and insisted I stayed back at home to take care of our children.

“He gave me and our children peanut as feeding allowance. Ganiyu gave us only N500 for food every other day, not considering the fact that the prices of foodstuff had gone up.

“Any time I complained, he would beat and injure me. Not pacified, he would also refuse to give an additional amount for food throughout the remaining of the week, thus leaving me and our children to go hungry almost all the time.


“Feeling frustrated and desperate to have a source of income, I went against his will and left home in search of a job.

“Ganiyu beat me blue black after I returned home. He also locked me inside and refused that I went out after then.

“He was always threatening to kill me which informed my decision to leave him.

“I packed my belongings and walked out of our marriage when the opportunity finally came.


“I left with our children, but he kept threatening me and demanding to have their custody.

“He has not given our children a dime for food since we left him, neither has he been committed to their education.

“I plead with this court to grant me custody of our children and make my husband responsible for their upkeep.

“I also beg the court to restrain him from threatening or interfering with my private life.”


The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case and ordered that a fresh hearing notice be issued and served the defendant.

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