Niger Republic: What Tinubu and ECOWAS must understand

Both Bola Tinubu and the rest of the members of ECOWAS imposing sanctions against the Niger Republic must understand the time and know that this might be a trap to overrun the region by longtime admirers, Russia, for the purpose of conquest and annexation.

While we condemn the junta in the Niger Republic and other ECOWAS nations in unison, it’s still the people who decide what form of government that is best for them.


What is happening in Niger is a proxy war between Russia and the West, which they aim to wage through the Africa nation puppets of the West, who are no longer content with the full control and interference of both France and the US in their lands.

All forms of colonization in Africa by the West have remained the bane of Africa’s Renaissance, and our natural resources have become a curse to us, based on the continent’s poverty imbalance.


While Democracy has remained the best form of Government, the argument about most of Africa being truly independent has continued to resonate, going by the inhuman and painful harvesting of resources with none accounted for by the so-called masters against their African subjects. Perhaps the civilian rule over the years has continued to impoverish the people, making them no different, if not worse, than military juntas.

President Bola Tinubu must not cower into becoming the willing tool of imperialists who desire no good for Africa but their own inordinate ambition. The Niger Republic and the rest of the ECOWAS nations have suffered untold hardship and must be allowed to decide their fate, minding the consequences a military junta may come with.

Niger Republic: What Tinubu and ECOWAS must understand
Niger Republic: What Tinubu and ECOWAS must understand

At this point, ECOWAS cannot afford to enter into an ego conflict just to be used to clean up the mess of the Russia-Ukraine annexation war. Regardless of the Greek gifts from the west to Bola Tinubu, he must be clever not to drag Nigeria and ECOWAS down and into war; Africa and Africans will be the worst hit.

Allow Niger, Faso, and the rest of the ECOWAS countries where there’s an ongoing junta to make their decisions and live by the consequences while we instead strengthen our borders against possible proliferation.


In this hard moment, Bola Tinubu must fight his battle for legitimacy and persuade Nigerians that they need him as their president rather than a needless big brother to the Republic of Niger, which is also fighting for freedom from the control of civilian monsters.


Uloka Chibuike

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