Pimped by Brother-In-Law

Pimped by Brother-In-Law

Hi everyone, this is Taneesha shah, 28-year-old housewife, I am 5 ft 7” and my stats are 36c 30 38 and I would like to tell you how I got was pimped during a marriage by a cousin of my husband.


It happened about 6 months ago, when Rohan (the brother in law) was visiting town for the marriage. Being a 2nd year IITian, he had maintained himself quite well and was a 5ft. 10” muscular smart guy, who could have got anyone with his looks itself.

It started in the pre-marriage party, which involved some drinking and dancing. My husband being a very shy man, was sitting at a corner holding the drink, while I was dancing around on the floor. Rohan and his friends kept me company most of the time, and he kept on passing me diluted vodka as time passed by. We got pretty close like this and there was a lot of touching while dancing, which I thought was accidental.

On the marriage day, I was wearing a pink saree with golden borders, short sleeved blouse, with minimal coverage at my back, and the low petticoat provided a good view of my back as well. Of course, I love it when I get the stares, but I never expected how the day turned out to be. Rohan being the brother of the groom was also suited up and his looks complemented the beauty of his black suit. I saw him looking at me, with a thirst in his eyes, and he never missed any opportunity to come close to me and brush his hands against my bare waist. I enjoyed these subtle gestures but couldn’t take it a step ahead.

We were all standing in a circle and talking when Rohan accidentally dropped his drink on my pallu, and the mark was very prominent. Immediately, he suggested that I go to the hotel nearby where they had booked a room for guests and clean it up. I went to the place to clean up the mess. As, I took off the saree, I realized that the soft touches of Rohan had made me horny, and I badly needed some sex in the beautiful five-star hotel room.


In order to get a quickie, I called up the water ordering some fresh water, and got naked, wrapping a towel around myself. When he knocked the door, I let him in, and asked him to keep the tray by bedside, as I went to the door, locked it, and dropped the towel.


The waiter, a cute guy in his mid-20s, knew exactly what I wanted, and picked me up and kissing my tits, threw me on the bed, pouncing upon me, messing my hair as he explored my body. He held me tight as he kissed me all over, before taking off his uniform, and pointing his 7inch cock at my pussy. All, I wanted was a casual fuck, and that’s what the waiter was giving me. I was sweating and I just started moaning in pleasure when I heard a knock on the door, with Rohan asking, “Bhabhi, are you done yet, I got to take Bhaiya ka shoes from the room, the ceremony is over.”

I knew I was in trouble. I had a penis in my vagina, and it was so frustrating to feel it shrink inside me. There was complete silence. I got up, wrapped a towel around my sweaty naked body, slid my inner wears under the bed and pushed the waiter inside the bathroom with his clothes telling Rohan, “Bhaiya, wait a minute, I got drenched while washing clothes.”
I opened the door in towel only, and Rohan was surprised to see me like that. He walked inside asking, “What happened to your hair bhabhi?” I had no answer to his question that why my hair was so disheveled, I tried to divert the topic asking him where are the groom’s shoes. “Bhaiya, I don’t think I will be able to make it to the marriage for another hour, will wait for my clothes to dry off under this fan.” Rohan looked at the fan and asked back, “Why are you sweating so much in the AC and the fan?” He smiled as if he knew what was going on.

I stumbled for words, and said, “Hurry up, bhaiya must be waiting.” He peeped under the bed where he had kept the shoes and picked up my brassiere and panties. He asked me again, “Bhabhi, why did you take your inner garments off, they are not wet? Are you hiding something?” He leaped towards the cupboard, not finding anyone. I was pale and didn’t know what to do. Then, he rushed for the bathroom door only to find it locked. He now knew it, and asked aloud “Who is inside?” I was so embarrassed when he picked up the bow of the waiter, and said, “Ohh, looks like you were using some room service” and winked at me.


I dropped my towel now, and replied with a wicked smile, “Rohan, maybe I won’t need it anymore.” He moved up to me, and started kissing my neck, biting my earlobe. “Oh bhabhi, you are so fucking tasty.” Running his hands through my hair, he started sucking my lip, and I reciprocated with equal passion. He was rubbing my back kissing me hard, our tongues licking each other’s’. I took off his coat, and shirt, getting him topless. He broke the kiss, and moved down, burying his mouth in my cleavage, as I felt his cock inside his pants. It was big and throbbing inside. I mumbled, “Wow Rohan, you are so big inside” He started biting my nipples, as I moaned louder in pain. He unzipped his fly and lowered his pants. “Why don’t you find out what’s in store for you bhabhi?”, he said.

It was easily 9 inches long, and I couldn’t wait to hold it tight. It could have easily torn my pussy. It was throbbing hard in my grip. “Show me how good you are bhabhi”, he said. I went down on my knees, and started working on his tool for the perfect blow job. Licking the entire shaft, sucking the precum out, biting his balls sac, I looked up to find him pointing his mobile phone at me. I asked, “Why do you need to photograph me Rohan, you can get this whenever you ask for.” I went back to sucking his cock as he didn’t reply. I sucked his cock for at least ten minutes, when he made me lie on the bed, and started playing with my thirsty wet pussy.

He thumbed my clitoris, while his finger kept on exploring me inside. It made me moan, but whenever, I used to come close to an orgasm, he used to withdraw, making me more and more desperate for a fuck. I was begging him to fuck me now, as my pussy was totally wet, and I wanted to throw up an orgasm. When he was not working on my pussy, he was busy with his phone, and I didn’t mind him taking photographs.


I badly wanted a nice fuck, and I placed myself in the doggie style position, when I heard another knock on the door. I thought it was the waiter in the bathroom, and I told Rohan, “Let that guy walk out, he’s knocking the bathroom door.” Rohan spanked my butt saying, “Bhabhi, it’s not the waiter, he’s been peeping through the open door all this while, there is one more guest for you.” I was terrified when he said that. “But Rohan, it is only your cock that I want inside me.”
He started dressing up and replied laughing, “We shall see that later, right now you are my bitch, and you will do whatever I say, because I have all the photos.”


I was speechless and scared when he said these words. He continued, “Now go and open the door, your first customer has been waiting for quite some time.” On one hand, I needed a bad fuck, and on the other hand, I was being blackmailed by my brother-in-law.

I reached for the towel to cover my body when Rohan interrupted, “My whore bhabhi is still feeling shy, give him a naked welcome. Trust me, when we are done with this, you will thank your stars for this day.” I went to the door naked, and opened to find a friend of Rohan waiting. I didn’t even know his name. I had just seen him in the marriage. He pushed me inside locking the door yelling at me, “How much time does it take to open a fucking door?”, turning to Rohan he continued, “Wow, I never thought that you will be able to convince her to do it.” He took his wallet put, handing Rohan 30 thousand rupees, when I finally realized that Rohan was pimping me.

I started weeping silently, when Rohan told me laughing, “Don’t worry bhabhi, you will get 10 thousand from this.” His friend continued to insult me saying, “and the tips too, if you are good.”


Without wasting any more time, he started rubbing his hands over my body, scratching my back with his nails. I was in pain as he kept on pinching me, especially my tits and butts. As he continued playing with me, my groans turned into moans. He was kissing me all over, and I started to strip him down. He was very busy with my tits, kissing them hard, and very soon we were lying naked on the bed, his body over mine.

He moved down licking my pussy, as I continued to moan louder, reaching orgasm for the first time. He was pretty quick with his tongue. Then, he stood up on the floor, pulling me down saying, “Suck it hard, u whore.” I enjoyed being addressed like that. I licked it clean first. He had a hairy cock, and I could literally smell his sweat in it.

I was loving the taste even when I was expected to hate it. After gentle handling, I pushed his 9inch tool deep in my throat, and kept on sucking. He told Rohan, “Your bhabhi is a really great sucker, she looks to be thirsty for my cum.”
I looked at Rohan, he was busy on his phone while he watched us having fun. His friend pulled my hair tight, and said, “Let me fuck you now, you will get all the cum you want.” He picked me up, pushing me flat on the bed, when Rohan interrupted, “Amit, you didn’t pay me for the fuck, it will cost 20 thousand more.” Amit accepted, and pushed his cock in my pussy.


It was so wet that it went in very smoothly. He fucked me hard, showing no gentleness, and I was moaning out loud not worrying about Rohan and the waiter enjoying the scene. I was transformed into a whore. When he was about to cum, he withdrew, and turned me around, emptying his load on my face. The warm fluid was such a great feeling, that I laid there on the bed, with Amit on top of me.

Amit got up to wear his clothes back, and I also started to look for mine, when Rohan interrupted, “Bhabhi, what’s the point in wearing it, you will only waste time taking it off for the next guy.” He turned to the the waiter, “Clean up the bitch for the next guy, you can also have fun while you are at it.”


I knew that I was about to have a long night. When Amit was done wearing his suit, he paid Rohan the remaining 20 grands. The waiter came with a towel soaked in warm water, cleaning and feeling me up at the same time. It was so soothing. Amit was about to leave when I said the most unexpected thin, “What about my tip Amit?” Amit turned back, and all the guys burst into laughter. He asked me to turn around and bend over. He came and pushed fifty thousand notes bundle in my butt cleavage, spanking it hard, as if in anger. He turned back to leave the room, when Rohan offered him to stay back and enjoy since he was such a generous tipper, and he happily agreed.

Soon enough, there was another knock at the door, and I was made to go through the same thing again and again, with 3 more guys. I was totally tired and was lying flat after everyone had left. Rohan came to me with my clothes and said, “Bhabhi, let’s go to the marriage, otherwise they may find out.” I got up and left for the marriage. The guys who nailed me were also there, constantly smiling at me, as if planning for the next day.


Let me know how you liked my story and I will update more…


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