Judge Nancy Maldonaldo will only rule whether she would grant partial release of Tinubu transcript or academic records without jeopardizing the privacy laws in the US which states that students academic records cannot be released to anyone without the students consent.

The first Judge ruled that Tinubu’s partial academic record should be released to Atiku without jeopardizing his privacy.

However, Tinubu appealed that. And the Judge agreed with him.


Tinubu attended Chicago State University. The University had confirmed that.

The issue is whether someone else can get access to someone’s academic records.

Forget all these fake news.

Even Barack Obama fought for his academic records from Columbia University and Harvard Law School not to be released to Republicans and Donald Trump who asked for them.

Ditto for former President Trump and President W Bush.


There is a law called FERPA ( Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA safeguards students privacy by limiting who may access student records.

Tinubu is not hiding anything regarding his Chicago State University.

He attended the institution. But like any student or former student he has a right to academic privacy under the U.S. law and he can ask the University not to release his academic records. Obama and Trump did the same thing.

They believe their political opponents will use their academic records for mischief.


Ademola Bello, New York, US based Journalist

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