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Some reports about the violence that erupted during the local government election primaries have pointed accusing fingers at Senator Remi Tinubu. They reckon she was behind the violence at APC Primaries.


The All Progressive Congress Primaries which was held at the Teslim Balogun Stadium was marred with violence after former Senator, Tokunbo Afikuyomi announced a consensus candidate for Lagos Mainland during the consensus voice voting for the18 Local Government that were allowed to return for 2nd term.


Lagos Mainland was not one of the 18 Local Government but in a bid to defraud the people, the Lagos Mainland delegation who was at the venue to vote was suddenly announced to be part of the consensus Local Government to pave way for the favourite of Senator Remi Tinubu and Hon Jide Jimoh.


The venue of the primary went beserk when Senator Afikuyomi was reported to have said “Lagos Mainland, Do you agree for Mrs Omolola Essien to return as your chairman?” and her people said yes while majority said No, and were told to leave the field.



The plan was said to have been hatched by Lagos Mainland Legislatures including the House of Rep Member, Hon Jide Jimoh, House of Assembly Member Hon Oladele Adekanye (LADO) who walked the imposed aspirant to the field, H.O Mohammed and Senator Afikuyomi who is also From Mainland against the wishes of the Mainland APC Leader, Hon Wale Oshun.


Immediately Senator Afikuyomi moved to do the same for Hon Jide Jimoh candidate in Yaba, but before he could finish mentioning the name, Yaba delegates ran into the field in protest to stop what happened to Mainland from happening to them.


Omolola Essien is a close friend of the Tinubus. She has served as Executive Secretary in Ikeja LG when Tinubu was governor. She went on to serve as Vice Chairman in Lagos Mainland courtesy of Tinubu for 2 Terms. In 2014 when the tenure of the chairman ended, she moved from vice chair to executive secretary again for 1 year and 6 months.


During this period, she was said to owe workers salary and was always saying “No money in council”. There were no significant project or initiatives in the community during her administration as executive secretary.


According to a delegate who wish not to be named “The people do not want her, the excos do not want her, but Mrs Tinubu has vowed that no one will take Mainland from her loyalist Omolola Essien”.



“It was in a bid to impose her that they presented her as a consensus candidate at the venue, Mainland has no consensus candidate”.


Findings reveal that No one agreed with the leadership of Mainland for Essen to be consensus candidate. It was alien and new to aspirants at the venue when she was announced as consensus.


Another delegate was heard saying “The power behind her were so arrogant not to even notify other aspirants, saying no one can stop her ascension to the throne”

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