Here are some easy kitchen tips that may make life very easy for you.


(1) If you don’t want your seasoning cubes to get soft and start bringing out water….add garri to the container where you put your seasoning cubes. It wilk remain strong and fresh.

(2) Don’t throw away your left over pounded yam. Dry it and crush it. After its dried then use it to eat beans….its a great taste.


(3) If your pot of soup sour or changes taste. Put 2-3 pieces of charcoal in it and warm very well….you will recover the delicious taste again.

(4) If your shoe is smelly….add piece of charcoal, it will absorb the smell.

(4) Use little potash to cook your bitterleaf, a little to remove the bitter taste.


(5) If wall geckos are disturbing you in your house, put fresh egg shells on your windows and doors where they come in. It will all run out from your house.

(6) Add a pinch of salt to your boiling water… makes it boil faster.

(7) When cooking your stew, always use ginger and garlic to boil your meat….it give the stew super taste.


(8) Put water inside a burnt pot and cook for some minutes….the hardness will be soften and ready to be washed easily.

(9) To prevent your yam from getting spoilt after you might have cut them. Apply palm oil to the remaining half.

(10) Rub salt on your pilled onoins before cutting it to avoid peppering your eyes.


(11) To kill ants and other micro animals in your kitchen….mix salt, water and detergent then spray. Note….cover your pots and plates before spraying.

(12) Add little palm oil in your boiling water before adding your WHITE garri….it turns it to YELLOW garri.

(13) If hot water pour on your body, spray flour on the affected body part. It will not bloat up but rather it will dry and heal up without scar.


(14) To make your WHITE PAP to turn YELLOW PAP….add a little drop of palm oil while dissolving the raw pap.

(15) Add a little groundnut oil in your hot water for eba….it will prevent it from sticking to the bowl while stirring.

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