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As the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) advances to a close on the petitions before it by our Principal, Atiku Abubakar and the Peoples Democratic Party challenging the erroneous and unfortunate declaration of Bola Tinubu as winner of the disputed February 25 presidential election INEC, it is important that Nigerians remain at alert to issues being unraveled at the tribunal.

The final addresses by all parties have indicated that Atiku Abubakar clearly won the Presidential election but was manipulated by INEC to favour Bola Tinubu who was the candidate of the ruling APC.

Furthermore, based on the testimonies of witnesses called by all parties, it can be deduced that Tinubu is very much qualified to be disqualified by the tribunal.


The quantum of forgery and perjury established against Bola Tinubu on the INEC form EC9, which contains affidavits in support of personal details of a candidate seeking election to the office of the President or Vice President is found with many inconsistencies and irregularities. These infractions qualifyTinubu to be outrightly disqualified by the tribunal.


On the issue of Kashim Shettima nomination as Vice Presidential candidate, in the real sense , it wasn’t about double nominations but about invalid nomination. This, too, the tribunal will have to adjudicate upon because the law is clear on the matter.

The 2022 Electoral Act stipulates the time in which a candidate can be substituted, and the nomination of Shettima falls short of the threshold.

It is on this note that we urge Nigerians to keep faith and brace up for the President they truly voted for, and stand with our judiciary.


The judiciary themselves understand that all eyes are on them, they are equally on trial, our democracy is also on trial, they have a duty to protect our democracy and keep Nigeria together.


Signed :
Mustapha Olorunshola.
Spokesperson ASG.

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