Tolanibaj is shamelessness personified, says Tacha

Tolanibaj is shamelessness personified, says Tacha

Reality TV star, Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha has continued to jibe BBNaija All Stars housemate, Tolanibaj for her extremely domineering acts over her colleague-cum-love interest, Neo.

She reacted to Tolanibaj and Ilebaye’s recent brawl over boundaries and disrespect with Neo as the hub for the altercation, describing the lover girl as shamelessness in human form.


Tolanibaj and Ilebaye clashed on Tuesday over limits following what was intended to be a reflective and therapeutic session for the housemates during their assignment for the day.

While Neo was trying to pacify Ilebaye by apologising to her, Tbaj charged at her with a hairbrush as she couldn’t stomach the scene.

Then Cross and Prince intervened by pulling Ilebaye who was already gearing up for a fight even as Neo shoved Tbaj aside.

The conflict, however, continued when Tolanibaj left the brief pep talk with Neo and went straight to the garden to confront Ilebaye.

She insulted her and referred to her as a drunken person who lacked respect and didn’t recognize boundaries.


On the other hand, Ilebaye barely expressed shock that Tbaj would approach her simply to warn her over a man that always denied her; wondering how ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ she could be.


Meanwhile, Tolanibaj was reprimanded furiously by Neo, who was upset with how chaotic the situation was.

He said: “Why didn’t you bring that rage to me?”, he asked. “This is your final warning, Tolani. Don’t do that, don’t fucking shame me anymore. “

This isn’t the first time the duo would go head-to-head in the House. In fact, Tolanibaj escorted Ilebaye out of her room during their initial argument.

In the past, Tolanibaj has had to fight several other female housemates, including CeeC, and evicted housemates Princess and Uriel for flirting with Neo.


With all of these happenings, the radio girl, Tacha scorned Tbaj for always engaging in fights with other ladies over a man.

She tweeted a clip from Tbaj’s row with Ibebaye and wrote: “If shameless was a person! It’ll be??”

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