Transparency and Accountability: Seeking Clarity on Unity or Coalition Government Agreement. Is PDP in coalition government?

A coalition government is a form of government where two or more political parties work together to form a governing coalition.

In such a scenario, the parties usually agree to share power and collectively govern the country.
In every thriving democracy, the strength of a political party lies in the collective trust and unity among its members.


As dedicated members of my Political Party Peoples Democratic Party, it is our shared responsibility to ensure that our party remains true to its values of transparency, inclusivity, and accountability.

With this in mind, recent stories, rumors and speculations have prompted a vital question within our ranks – is our party in agreement with the political party in government for a unity or coalition government, and do we, as party members, have knowledge of such developments?


While respecting the need for certain discussions to be held confidentially, it is crucial to strike a balance between internal party processes and ensuring that members are informed of decisions that may significantly impact our party’s trajectory and the nation’s governance.

As active participants in shaping the future of our nation, we believe that open and transparent communication between party leadership and members is essential.

The strength of our political party lies in the collective knowledge and participation of its members, and as such, we should not be left in the dark about crucial matters that affect our shared vision.


Asking for clarity on this matter does not seek to undermine our party’s leadership or their ability to negotiate in the best interest of the nation.

Rather, it is a call for greater inclusivity and dialogue within our ranks, ensuring that our decisions reflect the collective will of our members.

Transparency fosters trust, and trust is the foundation upon which any successful political party stands.


By keeping members informed about the developments that may lead to a unity or coalition government, we demonstrate our commitment to democratic principles and empower our members to engage constructively in shaping the future direction of our party and our country.


We understand that confidentiality is sometimes necessary during negotiations, and we respect the need for discretion in sensitive matters.

However, as negotiations progress, we urge our party leadership to proactively and responsibly communicate pertinent information to its members at an appropriate juncture.


The willingness to engage in open dialogue and address legitimate concerns strengthens our party’s internal cohesion and ultimately reflects positively on our public image.

Our constituents and fellow citizens place their trust in our party, and it is our collective duty to uphold that trust through transparency and accountability.
In conclusion, let us remember that as members of PDP, we are the backbone of its strength and vitality.

By seeking clarity on matters of utmost importance, we uphold the democratic principles we cherish and demonstrate our commitment to a brighter future for our party and our beloved nation.

Together, we can continue to build a political landscape that values transparency, inclusivity, and the active participation of every member.


Let us be the leaders our nation needs, setting an example of unity and accountability for the betterment of all.



Omolara Williams


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