Vee: Why I regret falling in love with Neo

Vee: Why I regret falling in love with Neo

Reality TV star, Victoria Adeleye, popularly known as Vee has opened up on her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Neo Akpofure with a wish that they had both gone their separate ways after the lockdown season of BBNaija ended.


Vee admitted in an interview with Monie Talks podcast to falling in love first with Neo while on the show and pushed for a possible relationship both on the show and outside the show.

However, she said that parting ways post-show would have been a simpler and more beneficial decision for both of them.


Speaking about the challenges they faced, Vee mentioned the intense social pressure, insults, and public scrutiny that accompanied their relationship, particularly during the lockdown season, which she referred to as one of the biggest seasons of the show.

Despite the difficulties, she noted that Neo was the only person she could relate with during those trying times.


Vee said: “In my honest opinion, I feel like it would’ve been better if after we came out of the house, we just went our separate ways. It would have been easier for both of us, but because of the experiences we had, the lockdown, one of the biggest seasons, it came with a lot of social pressure, insults, and drags, and he was the only person I could relate to whatever I was going through.”

She went on to speculate that if they had chosen to part ways, they might still be friends today.



However, Vee acknowledged that the public’s tendency to quickly become attached to celebrity relationships and perceive them as flawless individuals has shaped her reluctance to enter into public relationships in the future.


She added: “Maybe we’d still be friends. Maybe a lot of things would’ve been different. Maybe the way I see relationships would be different. I now don’t want to be in a public relationship again because I know how the public gets attached to things so easily, and they see celebrities as people who do not make mistakes.”

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