What a First Class sex feels like

What a First Class sex feels like

A little luxury never hurts no one. Sometimes we get so complacent with life that we don’t seek for more. It’s one thing to be grateful with whatever level you are, it’s another thing not to aspire higher for fear of being tagged an Oliver Twist always wanting more, especially when other people have it less. That is a defeatist mindset in my opinion.

No matter how high your level is, there will always be people lower and no matter how low your level is, there will always be people lower. The lesson here is you shouldn’t allow other people’s ambition or lack of it affect you. You can be whatever you dream of as long as you’re willing to put in the work. That is story for another day.


So l got an invitation for an all expenses paid girls trip to one of these exotic African countries a while ago. It was just what I needed because I wanted to clear my head to be able to make some very important decisions moving into the new year.

I arrived at the airport on time for the flight. I didn’t see any of my buddies because they left a day earlier. I got on the plane and was led into first class. I didn’t see that coming. I was elated and decided that I was going to make the best use of this opportunity.


As the plane was about to take off, I noticed that there were no there passengers on first class with me. That seemed weird, but maybe because it was a weekday and that route was not frequently traveled. I was going to enjoy myself none the less.

A male flight attendant came to me asking what I wanted. I realised there were more options on First Class. I wasn’t modest with my request, trust me.


The flight attendant brought all I requested for and stayed with me a while to chat. He had the right looks, complexion and height. He could pass for a model. He also had a french accent. I loved it.


After he left, I watched a movie and tried to sleep, but sleep eluded me. I decided to read a book, but I couldn’t concentrate. While I was in the middle of this, the flight attendant came again and I told him about my plight. He asked if he could give me a massage and I obliged. His fingers were soft and soothing. I was practically purring. Then he whispered in my ear: Would you like more? I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I said yes. I felt his hand on my breast and the other hand on my legs, stroking my thighs upwards.

Before I knew what was happening, this guy was sucking my breast. I was a little surprised, but it felt good, especially when his finger found its way to my clitoris. He stroked my clit before putting his finger into my pussy. In and out he went while still sucking on my breast.


My moans became louder so he asked if I wanted to use the restroom. We found ourselves in the restroom, I can’t remember how we got there.

He raised up my dress, pulled down my panties and penetrated me with my face against the wall. He gave me back shots in the air. With every stroke, he grunted until he couldn’t go on. As he came, he moaned aloud and I could have sworn I heard Jesus. I almost lost concentration. Thankfully I had cum.


Later, it dawned on me that this guy knew this was going to happen because why else would he have a condom in his pocket. I enjoyed every bit of it anyway.

Needless to say I slept like a baby for the remaining three hours left of the flight. I didn’t even get his number. It wasn’t necessary. I probably wouldn’t meet him again.


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